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Zhablyanski Monastery, village Zhabino

Author: , 7.3 km From Zemen.    , Адрес: Zemen, с. Жабляно
Zhablyanski Monastery, village Zhabino, Picture

 Have you heard Zhabliano village? A small part of you have heard that it exists at all village. And even if there is a monastery there. It is located on the slopes of Konyavska Mountain.

In Zhablenska monastery will welcome Father Anthony and Father Clement. You will be served sweet plum, which are themselves prepared. You can try a slice of sourdough bread, baked in the oven monastery. Speaking of which, what will regale monks can not overlook and cheese and yoghurt produced by monks. Mandatory them try! These products are prepared, thanks to the cows that are kept in the monastery. If you are not familiar with the production of milk and cheese can show you and then step by step. You can also witness the preparation of bread.

Now a little about the history of the monastery ... The story is legend that in these places resided St. Ivan Rilski. The monastery itself has existed even before the Ottoman yoke. Passing through heavy centuries, but survived. Today they found bones in the construction of this territory. In place of the monastery there was a small church, but in the late 19th century it was demolished and was built in the current 1884 .. But before the advent of communism, the monastery was abandoned. Only decades ago in this building are closed goats and sheep. Can you imagine that even less was converted into a pioneer camp and have organized fairs.

Against the background of this story sun rises and over Zhablenska monastery, thanks to two enthusiasts fond of monasteries. In the 60s they began to restore the monastery. The Holy Synod subsequently sent three nuns whose graves are in the yard.

Wondering what distinguishes the monastery you? Here's something interesting - in the early 90s come many monks and he becomes male. Zhablenska Monastery is less visited because it is more difficult to access.

The monastery is old-style - also something that sets it apart. This means that the monks used instead of new, old calendar.

The monastery is open always. You should know that there are no signs to the monastery in the village. We recommend that you park at the end of the village and can walk 30-40 minutes, because the road is not very good for the car. This will breathe fresh air and walk and will be complete.

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