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Harmanli yılında Kervansarayı

Author: Мариана Иванова, 1.8 km From Haskovo.    
Harmanli yılında Kervansarayı, Picture

  Around 1520 in Harmanli was built called Caravanseria. This is the place to stay for travelers and caravans for commercial purposes. Around the settled population of Turkish origin and adjacent state was built and threshing. For this reason, and later the town was named Harmanli.

   Caravanserais imposing building is the first in Harmanli. To build took part the Bulgarian population of Haskovo to Edirne. The population of all villages were obliged to import a fag cars, people and livestock. Builders and craftsmen are also Bulgarians. The reason exactly Harmanli be built such a solid caravanserai is that there is just halfway from Svilengrad / Mustafa Pasha / to Haskovo. It is believed that Mustafa Bey, who built the bridge over the Maritsa River Svilengrad gave orders to the construction of caravanserais.

  Built to exact Harmaliyska River, this imposing building with stone yards for horses, mules, camels was very impressed passengers. In the river they blow their cattle. A specially constructed fountain running water, from which travelers quench their thirst from a long time. Solid construction and impressed foreigners - many of them only mention it after passing through the town. And today there are remnants of a wall built of brick, stone and mortar, giving an idea of ​​the construction.

  These thick walls are provided a safe stay in the caravan. A craftsmen and traders living in the caravansary - ahchiya, blacksmith and seller of hay and barley offered services and facilities of transit passengers and traders.

By 1866 caravansary is preserved in its former form and therefore have a detailed description. He has three compartments, the middle circular / 25 meter cross / curved arch. Fountain was located in the yard. The other two wings of the other two countries have been measuring 45 meters. of 25m. All units had lead roofs.

After the destruction of the caravansary, stones are used for the construction of Constantinople road and 50 bridges.

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