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Klisura Monastery

Author: Д. Колева, 7.2 km From Spanchevtsi.    , Адрес: Berkovitsa, Цветкова Бара, GPS coordinates: N 43.1827177    E 23.2049578
Klisura Monastery, Picture
Klisura Monastery, Picture 1Klisura Monastery, Picture 2Klisura Monastery, Picture 3Klisura Monastery, Picture 4

   Klisura monastery is the fourth - largest monastery in Bulgaria. Located in the northwestern part of the Balkan Mountains, at the foot of Mount Dolls Teddy. The first evidence of ecstasy are, back in 1240, but is mentioned under the name "Desert Monastery."

    Like most sacred settings and this did not remain untouched by the Ottoman invasions during the centuries of slavery. In the 15th century was almost burned to the ground and remains abandoned to 17c. when six monks found refuge there and decided to restore it.

  But not for long! In 1866 Turkish troops invaded the monastery. Captured, killed monks and burned their bodies. And this legend are intertwined with reality. The place where the monks were burned appears well, and over it grows six beech trees, which still watch over the spring and keep shade over the healing water that flows from it. The legend of the miracle began to be transmitted by word of mouth and soon donations and volunteers from nearby villages reconquered the holy sanctuary. A century later the feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Berkovitsa Pasha Yusuf Bey invaded the convent, plunder it, killed over 120 pilgrims and it crashes to the ground. This tragic event puts an end to raids.

   Five years later patriots, together with the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, began restoration of the sanctuary. Originally erected a great temple "St. Cyril and Methodius ", and later in the foundations of the old temple was built chapel" St. Nicholas ". In the yard unless the two churches stand three buildings and the farmyard.

   In newly established Mountain Park visitors can find coolness in summer heat leeks and children to play on the playground. The museum of the monastery are kept ancient icons, information about celebrities, the history of the monastery.

   In 2008 the monastery received the status of the nunnery. It housed six nuns and several poslushnichki. In the icon workshop can be found icons painted by them.

    The monastery has very good conditions for recreation. Beds consisted of 80 beds and 2 suites. Rooms are well equipped with private bathroom. Cookhouse he has 50 seats and offers traditional Bulgarian dishes made from products produced in the monastery.

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