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fortress Bukelon

Author: Д. Колева, 51.9 km From Svilengrad.    , Адрес: Svilengrad, с. Маточина, GPS coordinates: N 41.8535520    E 26.5468311
fortress Bukelon, Picture

   40 km from Svilengrad, near the Turkish border, lies a small village, Melissa. Near it stands a majestic castle, steeped in glorious history, survived battles not only with the invaders, but also fighting against time to reach us in all its glory. Fortress Bukelon. Built on a high hill, it was strategically strategic location since antiquity. According to historians here have led to battles of Adrianople by the Romans and the Goths 378 Later the fort was abandoned to return to the Middle Ages in all its glory and power.

  What now remains of the castle dates from the XI-XIV century is preserved citadel that towers of 18 meters visochina.Predpolaga that was built on the old osnovi.Izzidana of crushed stone jointed with plaster and facade is decorated with baked bricks. The architectural design of the tower consists of three parts: the eastern semi-cylindrical in shape, rectangular body in which they were at the accommodation and the west corridor, which was over a castle wall. Of the remaining buildings and fortifications has not retained much. There are signs of a small chapel and water containers. At its entrance is clear monogram in the form of a cross with the letters M, N, L and K. In general, the castle is about 65 meters wide and 150 meters long. Is used for protection during the war and living in peace.

  The most glorious part of the history of the castle Bukelon is associated with the battle of 1205. when the armies of Tsar Kaloyan defeated the knights of the Fourth Crusade, led by Baldwin of Flanders (Flemish). This is the first victory over Crusader forces in history. Baldwin was captured and held briefly in Bukelon before being taken to Tarnovo.

  Last in the citadel is a protective function by Turkish raids. After the fall of the Ottomans, it was abandoned.

  At the end of the last century has been partially restored. Fort to reach by car on an asphalt road built, but on foot it is located 5 minutes from the village. It was declared a cultural monument and is part of the 100 National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.

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