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Tsepina Fortress

, 4.6 km From Dorkovo.    , GPS coordinates: N 42.0857672    E 24.1241285
Tsepina Fortress, Picture
Tsepina Fortress, Picture 1Tsepina Fortress, Picture 2Tsepina Fortress, Picture 3Tsepina Fortress, Picture 4

Beautiful Rhodope Dorkovo is situated in a mountainous area 14 km from the town of Velingrad. It is surrounded by beautiful forests on both banks of the river Matnitsa. The village lies at the southern foot of the mountain Batak. A few kilometers northwest of Dorkovo is Tsepina fortress. It is located at 1136 altitude of cone hill and is one of the most - popular attractions in the area. The fortress was investigated not once found the remains of a Thracian settlement, reservoirs and foundations of several churches, basilica and necropolis housing. In its present form Tsepina was preserved from the XI and XIII centuries. In studies of the region in 1979. Russian Byzantine found extremely valuable and unique find - a marble relief of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul. The landscape today is located in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Archaeological and historical research crawling that the area was possession nephew of Tsar Kaloyan Despot Alexius Slav. Despot, who lived in the thirteenth century ruled the Rhodope Mountains, which at that time bore the name of Slavievi forests. According to an old legend Alexius Slav married the beautiful Isabella - daughter of the Latin Emperor Henry. When the Lord took his young wife in the fortress, she was afraid of the dark, dense forests and high zeberi and exclaimed, "My God, this will probably be my grave!" Mother of Alexius Slav not know French, did not understand the words and took them for a blessing, and having replied "Give God, Amen!" The young bride soon fell ill from an incurable disease, and hit a dead end. And last commandment was to be buried at a nearby high point, so that when the sun rises in the morning, shines its first grave. Shortly thereafter Despot Alexius Slav moved his residence in Melnik. The area is very beautiful and the fort has a beautiful view to the high ridges of the mountain. Near the castle is located hut "Tsepina."

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