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Fortress Trajn - Ihtiman

Author: Д. Колева, 16.2 km From Pchelin.    , GPS coordinates: N 42.3570162    E 23.9224549
Fortress Trajn - Ihtiman, Picture
Fortress Trajn - Ihtiman, Picture 1Fortress Trajn - Ihtiman, Picture 2Fortress Trajn - Ihtiman, Picture 3Fortress Trajn - Ihtiman, Picture 4

  Fortress' trajn "is located in Srednogorie, 15 km from Kostenets. Located between the hills and Eledjik Golak, it was attraction since ancient times. There is no known date of construction, but the first written record of it are from the 3rd century. It is believed that the fortress was built on an ancient Thracian tribe Besi village who called the passage in which she finds "Sookie." The present name "trajn" associated with the Roman emperor Trajan, who considered her sazdatel.Kato part of the Roman province Serdika passage is connected Rome with Constantinople. The castle is unique not only for Bulgaria but for Balkanskiya Peninsula structure. In different eras are separate elements rebuilt on existing ones. After the split of the Roman Empire, the fortress has again its strategic position as guardian.

   The excavations found unique for its time architectural masterpieces. Reveal the remains of a huge building designed for security and defense with patio, open floor underground, six inputs and three internal towers made of stone and brick flat, with pinnacles and arches for entrances that create an impression of integrity. Protective walls are high and thick. When construction is used Roman brick, which is known for its indestructibility.

  Pass the castle and take their important place in Bulgarian history with the battle 986 years, when the Bulgarian army inflict the biggest defeat of the Byzantine Emperor Basil II, which shall march against Bulgaria in order to divide the territory and weaken the power of Bulgaria. But that proved disastrous for his army. In "trajn sixty thousand Byzantine army besieged and 20 days after a fierce struggle, defeated. The Emperor escaped, but the Bulgarians managed to capture the imperial signs.

   For this battle chronicler John surveyors wrote "Danube grabbed the crown of Rome."

After this success are exempt Thrace, Central Greece, Albania. Troops reach the Adriatic Sea. Bulgaria is becoming a powerful force.

During the Ottoman rule pass is called "Kapadzhik Dervent", but the fortress was not used and the time gradually began to crumble. However, the arch of the Roman gate, 18 meters high, was preserved until the 19th century.

   Today the pass is used to connect the eastern and western Bulgaria. In neighboring the castle hill passes the tunnel "trajn" which is part of the highway "Trakia".

The area is located 64 km from Sofia and 72 km from Plovdiv. There is also a convenient time in Kostenets or in Ihtiman.

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Сашо Тошков, 13.06.2013

Крепост Траянови врата - не е в община Ихтиман а е в землището на община Костенец

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