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Kurtpashova tower

Author: , 1.9 km From Vratsa.    , Адрес: Vratsa, гр. Враца, площад Христо Ботев
Kurtpashova tower, Picture

 Vratsa is a city with ancient history, located in northwestern Bulgaria. It is believed that the name comes from Slavic tribes and means door. Apogee of the city during the Second Bulgarian State, where he established himself as a craftsman and commercial center. Difficult times occur during the Ottoman conquest. Vratsa was repeatedly burned and rebuilt from the ashes thanks to the strong spirit of the local people. One proof of the courage and dedication of a wizard to keep their land, is a tower that rises in the center of town and seemed wordlessly tells the story of a noble family, like Kurt- Pashtovtsi.

Kurtpashova tower was built in the XVII century, but its elements and the way in which it is built, highly reminiscent of fortress construction in XIV. Legend has it that it was the property of Vratsa bogatash- Kurt, who accepted faith and Turkish conquerors also allowed him to keep his possessions and the strong influence that had the public. To preserve their wealth by raiding, he built this stone building that amazingly resembles a fortress. Kurtpashova tower is 10 meters high and has four floors. In addition to defense it is used for housing. Constructed of sturdy stone, it was extremely difficult to capture. Dungeon and is located about two and a half meters below the base and can be reached by a wooden staircase, which is mobile and occurred danger could come. The function of the first floor was essentially flat, while the latter is used in a fire hazard. The floors are separated from each other by the dual beams. The second floor is a bay with brackets on all four sides. Among them are left open, which served for pouring hot liquid onto enemies in case of attack. The floors are connected with a single-arm wooden stairs.

Krutpashovata tower is located in the central part of Vratsa Square "Hristo Botev". Next to it are the Historical Museum, Drama Theatre and Art Gallery. Notwithstanding the small size, it can not be passed because of the background of the modern building, like a medieval fortress.

Currently Kurtpashova is open to visitors. The first floor was converted into a museum boutique. It was declared a cultural monument.

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