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Katina pyramids - Katina

Author: Д. Колева, 6.3 km From Kostinbrod.    , Адрес: Sofia, с. Кътина, GPS coordinates: N 42.8467719    E 23.3306694
Katina pyramids - Katina, Picture

   Katina pyramids are a natural phenomenon, situated near the village of Katina, Sofia, on the southern slopes of Stara Planina. Rain, snow, wind and landslides are diluvial soils of the mountain, over millions of years have built up shapes. Slabospoeni consist of sandstones, siltstones, shales and clays with yellow color chervnikav instituted before oklo 4 million. years. Represent cone-shaped rock with sharp peaks. Rock embankments, which are pyramids rise of 5-10 meters, but the pyramids themselves are not higher than 2 meters. From the outside are covered with sandy-clay soil, which determines their color. The rock formations are divided into four groups, suggesting that the fourth group is the oldest and previously had a height of about 30 meters.

    Like most natural phenomena and Katina pyramids legends. According Shoppes is a belief that the day of the wedding, the bride should not look back and precisely with this belief is related to the story. Once in the village lived a beautiful girl. Fell in love with a shepherd from the mountains. Matchmakers came to want a big wedding rose. Young people were happy, but my mom knew that after leaving with her husband rather not see their father's house. Godezharite fun over and headed for the mountains. Reached one of the hills, the bride is not passed, like last time to look at their birthplace. With tears in his eyes, turned his head. Once the eyes and reached the house yard, migom all turned into stones. Thus, according to local pyramids appeared even call them "Svatovete."

    Katina pyramids were declared a natural landmark, but in recent years have seen a reduction in their size. This is due to human factors and natural. According to many scientists, if not taken quickly, soon the phenomenon will disappear.

Katina pyramids are one of the more beautiful places in Bulgaria that are worth seeing. Declared a natural landmark. The area with its clean and fresh mountain air is very pleasant for hiking and recreation. The road to the pyramids is convenient. Because of the popularity of rock formations in the village of Katina placed many informational signs. Great convenience is that the street on which it came to the pyramids, bears its name. The village can be reached with public transport from the capital.


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