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Lovech medieval castle

Author: , 2.2 km From Lovech.    , Адрес: Lovech, ул. "Мадара" 1, кв. "Вароша", GPS coordinates: N 43.1279473    E 24.7159152
Lovech medieval castle, Picture
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Located on the picturesque hill Hissar over the old town of Lovech, Lovech medieval castle is one of the places that must visit. Archaeological excavations reveal traces of settlement of the fortress from the Copper Age. Found pottery shards, remnants of dwellings and gold embroidery. Of - later here was located Thracian settlement as an interesting discovery from this period is a handle of Rodos amphora, which is the month, when the wine was poured - April. In I century during the Roman conquest, the settlement was moved to the flat part of Lovech. Two centuries later, after the invasions of barbarian tribes again returned to the old place because of natural defenses and difficult approach to the hill. The settlement lasted until the early Byzantine era (V-VII century), when he was destroyed and for some time the hill was deserted. The first archaeological finds from the medieval castle are IX-X. Found mainly coins and pottery. With the invasion of the Pechenegs in our land and hostilities of Byzantium against them is related to the first mention of the castle in ancient documents. Byzantine chroniclers tell of Pechenegian chieftain named Celta, who remained in Lovech with the intention to settle in the castle. In 1059, however, was banished by the emperor Isaac I Komnenos. Republic became the city deterred Byzantine troops in the XII century. Come to extinguish the Bulgarian revolt. The city became one of the symbols of the restored Second Bulgarian State. Lovech fortress stretched upper terraces of the hill "Hissar" and neighborhoods and industrial part of the city were located on the lower terrace along the river. Natural defenses of the fort from the steep slopes of the hill and the river were not sufficient for the inhabitants of the ancient city was built and additional high stone wall. Nowadays revealed the remains of seven different churches, representatives of three architectural types. The greatest and most - old church located in the highest part of the hill, built in the period from V to VI century. It is domed basilica with very interesting term. The Balkans are known only two such churches - one at Nicaea and one in ancient Constantinople. During the excavations of the fortress are found many household items and tools, jewelry, ceramics, and two finds of silver coins with the image of Tsar Ivan Alexander and his son Michael.

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