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Lions Head

Author: Стела Горова, 8.3 km From Primorsko.    
Lions Head, Picture
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If you have traveled to sunny in Sozopol Primorsko, there is no way you have not gone through Ropotamo and Lion's Head. Rock formation is one of the most - beautiful natural attractions that our country offers generous, but unfortunately for him very little is known. Lion's Head is located in the fortress of 110 meters altitude above the banks of the river. Ropotamo end of the hill "Copper Ridge" and it is a landmark as part of Ropotamo reserve in 1974 Recent archaeological studies of the area show that the lion's head is part of the fortress "Kale Vulchanovo" built by the Thracian tribe skirmiani inhabiting coastal territory of Strandja in ІІ- first millennium. Prov. Hr. We found the remains of megalithic construction - construction with large stone blocks (megalith Greek: big rock). In the center of the castle are the remains of the castle of the Thracian high priest and sanctuary. The castle has been used for centuries after it was built because of its strategic location, the last evidence of life in the region are of the fifteenth century. Site you can see the ruins of a medieval church. The fortress and Lion's Head is difficult to reach, access by road has to fork to Beglik tash, then takes on a forest path on the southern slope of the hill and after about 40 minutes walking along the forest path surrounded by dense vegetation and natural megalithic structures reach the castle. Legends and tales of buried treasures, wells with gold coins and pirate treasures to this day excite and awaken the interest of all who visited the place. Stories of Lion's Head and the theories of the origin and are many - from alien intervention to the - probable - natural post-volcanic activity that the Thracians used their home because of its strategic location and natural defenses that protect the fortress from enemy raids. Additional lends mystique and the fact that until recently the area was not available to ordinary tourists, as part of the reserve Ropotamo and the proximity of the residence of the head of state Todor Zhivkov - Pearl. Many myths and theories, only the King of animals patronized all over and keep his secret. Whether it will tell you - maybe ...

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