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Monastery St. Athanasius - Golden Meadow

Author: , 16 km From Chirpan.    , Адрес: Chirpan, с. Златна ливада
Monastery St. Athanasius - Golden Meadow, Picture

  In southern Bulgaria in the municipality Chirpan, we find little Thracian village of Golden Meadow, near where Old River flows into Maritsa River. His land is fertile, inhabited since ancient times, and occupies a strategic location played an important role in our history and development of Christianity. Over the mountain village among magnificent scenery is the oldest monastery in Europe named after St. Athanasius, its founder and patron. Situated on the picturesque banks of Old River, it is a valuable cultural and historical landmark. It is known as "Chirpanski monastery," and is an active nunnery. Close to the monastery, only separated by the river is unique hermitage, dug into the rocks miraculous hole was inhabited in the days of fasting by the saint and his followers are there in seclusion praying for health, success and prosperity. There is a Ayazmo for whose healing water are legends, attended by many patients with faith healing, healing skin problems, eye diseases, certain internal diseases, disabled toddlers. Healing powers, the local population is convinced that owns and hermitage.

  Saint Athanasius has a large contribution to theology, with its theological works, so the church honored him with the title "Great", carries monasticism from Egypt to Europe and fight for the imposition of orthodox faith. According to documents reached our days of life and activity it is clear that the monastery was built in 344 years. During its long history the monastery was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. There is evidence that during the national liberation movement is harboring very prominent for the liberation of our country, and stayed there the Apostle of freedom Vasil Levski. In the eighties was reconstructed with its impressive size and unique architecture became one of the most desired and popular monasteries to whom he addressed dozens of tourists and believers. In the yard are visible nerestavrirani old buildings and new buildings erected prez1979g. by order of Lyudmila Zhivkova. Behind the doors of the temple are stored some donated priceless icons. Patriarch Petros VII of Alexandria came to worship St. Athanasius in 2003. the monastery and brought as a gift icon painted in Athanasius the Great Aleksandriya.Tova visit prompted a more thorough studies that prove that this is the oldest monastery in Europe. Another icon is a valuable by monks from Mount Athos. Over the high altar stands the image of Saint Petka Bulgarian, there is a chapel, but was destroyed on October 14 in the temple honors in. Among the relics kept a copy of the Reims Gospel known that the French kings before him have taken oath at his coronation, this is the first copy made here. On May second temple celebrates its feast and honor its founder, the village is a large gathering. Nearby are the remains of an ancient Roman fortress. The area of ​​primeval forest, green hills and picturesque valleys is great for lovers of ecotourism.

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