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Markov Stone

, 11.2 km From Golyamo Bukovo.    , GPS coordinates: N 42.1231011    E 27.1542069
Markov Stone, Picture
Markov Stone, Picture 1Markov Stone, Picture 2Markov Stone, Picture 3Markov Stone, Picture 4

Perhaps most of you have visited the rock Beklik Tash Thracian sanctuary near the town of Primorsko. Did you know that 100 km from Primorsko, near the village of Lower Apple, Sredets municipality is located almost identical rock phenomenon used thousands of years ago by the Thracians to perform ancient rites and rituals? Markov stone, also known as Great stone is located 5 km away. Local people tell an interesting story about a magical place. End of the scale was the farm of giant King Marko and his brothers. After the death of their father older sons inherited belongings and livestock, and King Marko received only one fulling the river. Angry, he grabbed a huge stone and hurled him into the woods and left angry stepped on it full tilt. His step today shows clearly on the rock. Local believe that the water is collected in Krali Markov step is healing and helps all diseases. Another legend says that the God's Mother missed the stone until Emperor Constantine helped to build the fortress wall of ancient Constantinople. While wearing her apron stones, one of them dropped it near the Lower Apple. Nowadays the place many go childless women to take pollen from crushed rock with the hope that Virgin fragment cure infertility. Actually sanctuary near Lower Apple was worshiped by the Thracians long before in our country to talk about King Marko. It dates back to the XII - VII century BC. Here every stone has a purpose, and traces of ancient rituals still be seen. Seen from a certain angle, Markov stone bears a striking resemblance to Beglik Tash. Foundation stone has a height of 8 meters and a diameter of 9 meters. Stairs leading to the top of the rock, where you will see two notches in the rock called "the eyes of God." Monolith rests on two other rocks under it form a gap through which passed only the righteous but sinners stuck. Here and Beglik Tash you can lie back under the rock, facing the arch and take emissions from Stone. You will also see a stone throne and altars, highly reminiscent of those near Primorsko. Leads to the sanctuary difficult because almost no markings, and the only nameplate is placed next to the megalith. The few remaining residents of the Lower Apple would help you in opening the forest road that leads to the megalith. Any history of Markov Stone and his relationship with Beglik Tash just huge stones know the truth. And that will tell you? Ask them.

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