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Mound near the village Svirachi

Author: М. Иванова, 6.7 km From Ivaylovgrad.    , Адрес: Ivaylovgrad, с. Свирачи, GPS coordinates: N 41.4841964    E 26.1215615
Mound near the village Svirachi, Picture

  Svirachi mound near the village is one of the most impressive burial facilities in the country from the Roman era and an impressive mound with a domed shape with a diameter of 60 meters and a height of 18-20 m original, tight ring in a rugged stone structure - the so-called . krepis that actually protected from the outside world, sacred space. Moreover, the enclosures had and technical purpose - maintaining the embankment. In this case it is not a simple fence and creation of architecture from ancient times, comparable amphitheatres, and stadiums with Roman cities. Not accidentally given the status of a cultural monument. Impressive is the only facility in the Balkans. It is a complex cascade form large blocks to 3.70 m long, rainbow-shaped outside and attached to each other with clips, forming a matched set of components in solid footing.

 Archaeological excavations on the mound proved its connection with ancient villa Armira name and the origin of its owners, and the time at which it was erected. Necropolis is located one kilometer east of the villa and is the highest point - chosen to be identified with high visibility and closer to the gods. Construction of the necropolis is still living up to the first owner of the house Armira, and a century later was used for family Thracian tomb of another relative.

  Even in ancient stone wall of the mound was partially destroyed. Excavations around the embankment found evidence of funerary ritual of Thracian religion. Found pieces of Thracian tomb of a prominent funeral chariots and 2, with the remains of four skeletons of race horses and two dogs. There are also the remains of two children's graves in the embankment and one very similar to the mound made of marble, but was robbed.

  Thracian aristocrat was buried by trupoizgaryane. The remains were placed in the center of the ground and covered with tiles. A short walk to the mound were found the remains of a favorite animal - that is associated with the belief in the afterlife of the Thracians.

  Today you can see the remains of a mound enclosures lying around. These findings have been restored and some of them out in Nat. Museum of History - Sofia.

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