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Momchilova fortress

Author: , 6.8 km From Podvis, Smolyan.    , Адрес: , с. Градът, на 17 км източно от Смолян
Momchilova fortress, Picture
Momchilova fortress, Picture 1Momchilova fortress, Picture 2Momchilova fortress, Picture 3Momchilova fortress, Picture 4

110 km south of Plovdiv and 17 km east of the village of Smolyan town on the edge of which is Momchilova fortress. The fortress was built in the period from 527 to 565, during the reign of Emperor Justinian I is part of the Rhodope fortification line. During his reign the Emperor take spectacular construction of several lines - Constantinople, the Balkan, Danube and Rhodope. The main purpose of the fortifications was to protect the eastern Roman Empire from barbarian raids coming from the north. From Momchilova fortress see the other two strongholds of the defensive line - Koznik fortress located south of Roudozem and castle fortress located in the area Turluka. Momchilova fortress is the successor of the ancient Thracian sanctuary dates back to the V century BC. Chr., Which is the most - the highest part of the fortress. It has a view of the tower "Snow White" for Pamporovo Perelik peak (2191 m) and the observatory "Rozhen". Fortress perform his relatively short period. After being burned by the Slavs, was restored again in the XI century. During 1343 passed into the possession of the famous Rhodope brave boy and is used for the Fortress by the end of the XIV century., They begin Ottoman invasion in our land. Momchilova fortress bears the name of glorious Bulgarian ruler, famous for its imposing appearance and numerous military achievements. Momtchil make inroads to the Byzantine throne in the XIV century, is honored by Empress Anna of Savoy with the title despot, but because of the huge support on the battlefield, Emperor John Kantakouzenos it declared Sebastocrator. Of merit against enemy strongholds St. gets. Irene and Podvis conquered fortress Xanthi, making it his residence. Died heroically in the fortress Peritor off the coast of the Aegean Sea in 1345 in a battle against the Ottomans. Momtchil is sung as a hero of the Bulgarians and the Serbs and Herzegovina. Momchilova fortress was declared a cultural monument in 1966 studies by archaeologists started in - late in 1986, and valuable artifacts found here are set out in the Regional History Museum in the town of Smolyan. More information about the castle and how to get to it you can get at the Information Centre, located at City Hall in the village town. The center is open year round.

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