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Museum House of Humour and Satire - Gabrovo

Author: Павлина Янева, 7.1 km From Bodrost.    , Адрес: Gabrovo, ул. Брянска 68, GPS coordinates: N 42.8795492    E 25.3180575
Museum House of Humour and Satire - Gabrovo, Picture

  Street parades and general merriment is characteristic of Gabrovo early thirties of the 20th century. Producing his beautiful carnival masks and masquerades sets up loud in order to diversify the gray weekdays. Preserved to this day carnival traditions and distinctive folklore humor set the creation of the House of Humour and Satire in Gabrovo. For the appearance of his major role is played by the first director of the house Stephan Fortunov lawyer by profession-consul, was fascinated by the colorful Gabrovo humor and gathered a rich collection of anecdotes. On the first of April 1972. first-ever museum became reality, it is situated in the old tannery Kalpazanov brothers whose reconstruction lasted three years.

    In the period since 1979. to 1990. was collected basic fund of humorous and satirical works over time builds up a rich artistic material. He started violently and beneficial development of unique cultural center with the efforts of all assigned staff. He grew and developed into a modern institute accumulated behind its walls valuable cultural heritage. The home is organizing many national and international festivals of humor and satire, carnivals, national and international exhibitions of caricatures and satirical sculptures. Carry out wit competitions and festivals of comedy and cartoons. Hosts in national competition for literature "George Kirkov" international "Sly Peter" - 1977.

   A park of laughter, and in 1985 opened the first satirical Variety Theater. The specialized library we can find numerous collections of unique, priceless examples of humorous and satirical proizvedeniya.Deynostta expands with the issuance of journals, albums, catalogs, collections of jokes and humorous stories. Through ongoing exhibitions and conferences are working to promote heritage humor of different nations and their unification with the help of art. The museum has several separate rooms there with a large number of attractive exhibits and photographs witness the history of emblematic Gabrovo humor.

    Children are prepared for great places with fun and whimsical masks, fairy, fun attractions and pleasant music. We'll see exquisite tapestry of Bulgarian artist Boris Dimovski, images of interesting scenes and sculptures. Special attention is given to the impressive collection of brands, over 17,000 priceless artifacts that capture the colorful carnival, ritual masks, patterns of forum humor and satirical art. Below are the original carnival costumes, authentic African masks, accessories and copies of priceless paintings.

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