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Museum "Neolithic dwellings" - Stara Zagora

, 2.1 km From Stara Zagora.    , Адрес: Stara Zagora, ул. „Армейска” № 20, GPS coordinates: N 42.4237653    E 25.6093803
Museum "Neolithic dwellings" - Stara Zagora, Picture
Museum "Neolithic dwellings" - Stara Zagora, Picture 1Museum "Neolithic dwellings" - Stara Zagora, Picture 2Museum "Neolithic dwellings" - Stara Zagora, Picture 3Museum "Neolithic dwellings" - Stara Zagora, Picture 4

Stara Zagora is the sixth largest city in the country and has strong economic and cultural center. Drama Theatre "Geo Milev" is the oldest theater in Thrace, the second largest after the Sofia Opera is there is a long history and Stara Zagora radio. Only 16 km are the mineral springs of the famous baths of Stara Zagora. An oasis of beauty and tranquility are picturesque parks and vast Ayazmo Park beginning with copper monument of Stara Zagora Bishop and small temple near the top is his marble tomb. The park is the largest zoo in the country with a rich variety of animal specimens is amazing and the botanic garden with many rare species. Stara Zagora is a city with a rich history, life there is emerging even in antiquity. The city has changed its name several times in its long history. It is assumed that the first name Beroe and is given by the Thracians in the middle of the fourth century BC. The archeological excavations in the city were found Neolithic dwellings 5-6 millennium BC and are the best preserved ones in Europe and the current copper mine is the oldest still operated. In 1958. homes have been declared a cultural monument.   In 1979 the museum was opened, where we can see archaeological finds from the Neolithic era. The museum is located in the western part of the city. The building was built specifically to store them, except housing will see the richest collection of objects from this period in Europe - pottery, kilns bread, hand mills for grinding grain. The apartments are studios, built near a small spring on the eastern slope of the hill, the structure was made ​​of wooden poles and rods, mixed with clay and straw. Thousands of years ago homes were damaged in a fire, this show found charred cereals and pulses. Excavations in the area have found over 1826 finds - pottery with unique shapes and designs, such as tulip, white colored, gorgeous djembe drums with graphite ornaments, vessels modeled human figures and animal figures, perfect marble figures from different eras. In the basement of the museum you can see exhibition on "Prehistoric Art in Stara Zagora," there are at best interesting exhibits. Stand ceramic vessel of white and black squares, which is believed to be the first annual calendar and a gold bracelet, dating from the fifth century BC, one of the oldest gold jewelry in the world. Cause astonishment original exhibits, graphics, photographs ... From the preserved data and studies it is clear that the ancient inhabitants of these lands have excellent knowledge of construction and organization of the farm. Authentic Neolithic dwellings are of great historical and scientific importance therefore become part of the list of hundred historical sites in Bulgaria, are part of the objects of the Regional History Museum in the city, which attracts many tourists every year.

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