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Museum of yogurt in with. Cold spring

Author: , 7.4 km From Trun.    , Адрес: Trun, с. Студен извор
Museum of yogurt in with. Cold spring, Picture

 Bulgaria is known for several things, including the yogurt. He is regarded as a source of longevity. In the village of Trun cold spring is the only museum of yoghurt in Bulgaria. The village is located 7 km from the town. Tran and Sofia is 70.

The museum welcomes its guests with the history and the name of Dr. Stamen Grigorov - the man who discovered the lactic acid bacterium that causes fermentation, which is produced by infamous yogurt Bulgaria. The original name of the microorganism was «A bacillus", but subsequently received Bakterikum bulgarikum- name in honor of his oktrivatelya. Now its official name is eLactobacillus delbureckii subsp. bulgaricus Grigoroff. Visiting the museum will have the opportunity to learn many interesting facts. The first is the fact brought Bulgaria ranks first in number of centenarians in Europe. This happened at the beginning of XX century. According to scientists, his longevity is due to the phenomenal yoghurt produced in our lands. Yogurt country has a history of thousands of years, and for centuries has been perfected technology. Two main microorganisms involved in fermentation. The relationship between them, along with dairy microflora differ when milk is curdled in different regions of Bulgaria. That is why, today yogurts vary, depending on the place of production.

In the museum, visitors have the opportunity to try this very specific taste of sour myalko. They can even buy dry yeast, with which to cook their own yogurt.

Lump to beat butter dishes to prepare dairy products are part of exhibits at the first floor. Rukatkata is an example of such a court. It represents a clay pot with a handle for leavening of sour myalko.

Exhibition hall and library await visitors to the second floor. This museum is a real source of national pride and pride, awakening patriotism

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