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National Park-museum "Shipka"

Author: Павлина , 500 metres From Shipka.    
National Park-museum "Shipka", Picture

 The location of the Shipka Pass makes it important for the outcome of the war, so many Turkish hordes congregate and try to capture it with selflessness and sacrifice the Russian-Bulgarian troops bravely defend important gateway to northeastern Bulgaria. Under the command of Gen. NG Stoletov fighting began on August the ninth 1877. severe and lasted six days, during which the pass defenders showed great heroism and resist fire through the critical third day come to receive assistance from firing squads to General Radetzky. Continued fighting the positions of Russian soldiers and Bulgarian volunteers and defense of Shipka prize does not stop the fall and severe winter, which takes many victims of diseases and frost.

  Their immortal feats became top impregnable fortress of Turkish troops and perpetuate the great epic of Shipka. Victims in rough battles for the Russians and Bulgarians are more than 11,000 wounded, killed and missing, and frozen and sick reach nine thousand people. The tip of the pantheon of immortality today is shaped like a museum, was created in 1956. and there are covered areas played a significant role in the Russo-Turkish War in 1877g.-1878. Has built an impressive complex of 26 monuments, reproductions of items dug-outs, an area 120 hectares, at the very top of the far stands the Monument of Freedom built in 1934. entirely with donations from the Bulgarian people as an expression of gratitude and admiration to the memory of the dead, on the north side we meet a bronze statue of a lion, symbolizing strength and fearlessness of the Bulgarians in the interior of the monument is stored exposure relics. Historical peak is located in the Balkan Mountains near Gabrovo to Kazanlak and it has convenient transportation and many nearby cafes and cozy restaurants for lovers of mountain tourism to organize hikes to the positions of hostilities. Guides are provided, and lectures are delivered by Bulgarian and foreign languages.

  On the eastern side of the peak rises another important tip for our country Bouzloudja exceptional monuments of glorious history. Monuments attract eyes of Hadji Dimitar and partisans, the peak is related to the communist movement. At the foot of the mountain to the village Sheinovo expression of our gratitude in the form of 15.6 meters monument at the place where he captured the headquarters of Turkish pasha. National Park-museum "Shipka" in 1968. increases shall enter historical monuments and memorials Buzludja peak located near the town of Shipka Pass and, Peak and Eagle Nest village Sheinovo. At Shipka name of the park museum and add Buzludja. Professionals who work in museum studies do research on original documents, photographs, other authentic belongings of participants in the battle for a more complete view of events occurring then in order to preserve this sanctuary and educational impact of the new generations. The museum is part of a hundred travel sites in Bulgaria and is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists to make reproductions and often remarkable occasions. On top of an impressive view of the vast expanse of South and North Bulgaria.

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