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National historical-archeological reserve "Pliska"

, 2.9 km From Pliska.    , GPS coordinates: N 43.3876122    E 27.1351183
National historical-archeological reserve "Pliska", Picture
National historical-archeological reserve "Pliska", Picture 1National historical-archeological reserve "Pliska", Picture 2National historical-archeological reserve "Pliska", Picture 3National historical-archeological reserve "Pliska", Picture 4

Pliska is an ancient center of early Slavic and Old Bulgarian culture. This witness numerous reached us archaeological monuments. National historical-archeological reserve "Pliska" is located 28 km northeast from the town of Shumen and is 3 miles from the present town of Pliska. Old capital Pliska was the first Bulgarian capital, declared as such by Asparoukh the foundation of the Bulgarian state in 681 to 893, when the capital was moved to Preslav. Pliska impresses with its rich and remarkable architecture, preserved historical heritage of Bulgaria and ranks among cities with the most significant and rich history in Europe and the world. The ancient city was built in a field surrounded by high hills, creating a natural barrier to enemies of the city. There are an additional three defensive belts that make the city practically impregnable. The first is a deep trench with a high embankment surrounding the outside of the castle. The second is made of large stone blocks that make up a high wall with a height of about 12 meters, the main entrance of the castle is located on the eastern wall. The very stone wall on each side there are two towers and gates. The third belt is brick fortification used to protect the interior of the castle itself, called the Citadel. The reserve is located on an area of ​​23 square kilometers. One of the most remarkable stone buildings, impressive for its elegance, is the palace of the Khan Krum, covering an area of about 500 square meters, it is the best preserved building of the reserve. There are secret underground tunnels through which the aristocracy and the people were able to take action to escape during the siege. The palace has large bathrooms and water reservoir, there was another, smaller palace with beautiful and ornate. The reign of Khan Omourtag (814-831) was associated with increased construction and expansion of the city. He has made substantial changes gives an overall appearance of the finished walls. New buildings constructed as pagan temples, workshops, heating system, buildings for business purposes and the magnificent Throne Hall - the symbol of power, which consisted of all major events in the state. Nearly a mile from the eastern gate of the inner city is situated temple "Great Basilica." The temple is the largest in Southeastern Europe, remained from the time of conversion of the Bulgarian people. But the occurrence Ottoman rule the town was renamed ABOBA regained its old name Pliska in 1947. Probably in the 18th century, the city was destroyed and the ruins were looted and used for construction. Preserved architectural artifacts from the ancient city have been converted into an open air museum. Artifacts found in archaeological studies of reserve, are exhibited in the museum of the historic complex are shown ancient craft, unique jewelry, weapons and other valuable artifacts. They reveal bits of material and spiritual culture of the Bulgarians lived in the magnificent capital Pliska ever, serve the main military, economic, and cultural center. Near the museum is the tomb of the Czech archaeologist Karel Shkorpil discoverer of the medieval city. Traditionally, the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve "Pliska" Summer Seminar was held for students of secondary schools in Bulgaria, which allows to carry out excavations under the supervision of archaeologists and to enrich their knowledge through lectures of famous Bulgarian historians. Reserve is part of a hundred tourist sites in Bulgaria.

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