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Okolchitsa - death place of Hristo Botev

Author: Павлина , 1 km From Vratsa.    , GPS coordinates: N 43.2038499    E 23.5487847
Okolchitsa - death place of Hristo Botev, Picture

 In Vratsa Mountain rises Okolchitsa peak, which is closely connected with our istoriya.Tam June 2 1876g.e become final battle of Botev and lost fearsome revolutionary life si.Taka Bulgaria loses one of his most important figures of liberation. Each year our country on this day homage to those who died for freedom and with three minute wail and cheesy minute malchanie.Nachalo put the celebrations in 1884. Vratsa, Plovdiv and the first signal is a cheesy June 2, 1948. Today this area is built national park "Hristo Botev", which is located about 20 km. southeast of the town of Vratsa. At 1848 meters high. peak in 1938. was built 35-meter monument to perpetuate Cross Volunteer feat of Hristo Botev and his cheta.Tozi Cross in 1947. was replaced with a pentagram, but now is back in its authentic form. Place of death of the poet has an inscription "The Great Botev. Fulfill the prophecy yours - are you alive "carved in natural rock in a trench Yolkovitsa. At this imbued with revolutionary spirit out, every year thousands of people gather to honor courage and heroism of the rebels with national celebrations, make hiking in the footsteps of the band in lane Kozloduy Beach is built around the tent lager.Vsenarodnoto pilgrimage ends after 6 days in which to travel nearly 120 km. Okolchitsa is one hundred tourism site of the monument is located 300m.ot hut where visitors can get to the site. It leads to an asphalt road with separate parking, contains several one-storey houses, water and electricity. Around you can stay in huts Ledenika, Parshevitsa, has dormitory in the nearby village Ignatitsa. The rich flora and fauna attracts many tourists, so they formed comfortable trails to enjoy the grandeur and beauty of ancient mountains, holed up in her bosom beauty and heroism worthy of admiration.

  In the nearby village Chelopek can see the house - museum "Baba Iliytsa"-famous Bulgarian who helped the rebels after their defeat in the Vratsa Balkan. Arranged a rich exhibition of ancient artefacts, hand woven carpets, carved furniture and typical costumes acquaints us with life and genealogy of the famous Bulgarian. Poet Ivan Vazov remained so impressed by the great feat, and that devoted his short story "A Bulgarian."

As sacred as Okolchitsa keep alive the memory of faith and immortality, and make us proud of being Bulgarian.


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