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Monument of Freedom - Shipka

Author: Павлина Янева, 413 metres From Shipka.    , GPS coordinates: N 42.7162141    E 25.3289580
Monument of Freedom - Shipka, Picture

   Monument of Freedom aka Shipka Monument was erected in memory of the immortal exploits of fallen Russian soldiers and Bulgarian volunteers in the Russo-Turkish War in 1877. is part of the constructed park-museum "Shipka".

   Its construction began in 1922. and finished in 1930 but was inaugurated in 1934. by then our head of state Boris III peak "St. Nicholas" - the old name of Shipka. The idea for its construction came from other living volunteers and funds come from donations made by the Bulgarian people, designed by architect Atanas Donkov, and the project was made by sculptor Alexander Andreev. Lead to it about 900 feet, has the shape of a truncated pyramid material used is dolomite, the sculpture has a height of 31.5 meters above the entrance as eternal guard proudly stands a huge bronze lion, symbol of strength and courage of the Bulgarians, length 8m. and a height of 4m., other countries are inscribed the names of places where they took the most important battles - Shipka village Sheinovo and Stara Zagora.

  Internal layout and is deployed on seven floors, the entrance into a room where he is placed on four marble lions lying ossuary in which are stored in the bones of dead fighting defenders at the top. Before the sarcophagus together shoulder to shoulder stand guard stone figures of Russian soldiers and Bulgarian hero, the Russian soldiers in heroic battles included about six thousand Bulgarian volunteers for their sacrifice and courage told the gathered exposure of weapons, photographs, documents, rich collection of medals and orders, personal belongings of the participants to keep a copy of the legendary Samara flag. From the top of the monument reveals a majestic sight to see the restored trenches and positions of the holy places where battles were fought and many unknown heroes shed their blood for our freedom, numerous monuments and brotherly mounds erected in tribute and gratitude to will immortalize their work Shipka epic. Park museum is included in the famous Mount Buzludzha whose foot has three historic monuments and pantheon of the Communist Party.

  The village was built Sheinovo another Memorial - Monument to commemorate the victory in the decisive battle ended with victory of Russian army over Veisel grazing determines the outcome of the war. In the nearby town of Shipka distance stands the brilliance of golden domes of the temple-monument "Nativity" extraordinary architectural masterpiece built in the style of Russian churches in memory of those killed in the battles for Shipka Pass. National monuments towering proudly Shipka and surrounding area are of great importance to our historical and cultural memory, talk about the dramatic turn of events, and educate future generations. Bulgarian society respects and observes the merits of the national hero, is proud of their heroism and glorious history. Our great writer Ivan Vazov them sing one of his most moving poems "volunteers at Shipka." Historical significance and the exclusive nature attract many tourists and pilgrims are organized celebrations and reenactments of notable events.

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