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The "Founders of the Bulgarian State" Monument

, 7 km From Shumen.    , GPS coordinates: N 43.2622670    E 26.9223688
The "Founders of the Bulgarian State" Monument , Picture
The "Founders of the Bulgarian State" Monument , Picture 1The "Founders of the Bulgarian State" Monument , Picture 2The "Founders of the Bulgarian State" Monument , Picture 3The "Founders of the Bulgarian State" Monument , Picture 4

On the highest part of the Danube plain, about 500 meters above sea level, on the territory of the picturesque Shumen Plateau rises majestically monument "Founders of the Bulgarian State". The huge memorial was created on the occasion of the celebrations in 1300 of the establishment of the Bulgarian state. The project for its construction and its implementation are the work of our team of renowned architects, sculptors, painters. During operation, the project underwent several changes. The basics of building a residential complex under Simeon composition of 31 January 1979 is built capsule with a legacy to future generations, the event is marked by a chime and speech delivered by the Bogomil Simeonov, who read aloud the contents of the message. The monument immortalizes important moments in the history of our country is built on eight concrete blocks arranged in two semicircles. Composition sealed stone images of great Bulgarian rulers, among them the founder of our country Asparukh Tervel, Krum, Omourtag Simeon I, Boris I, during the "Golden Age" unless Simeon Veliki are honored brothers Cyril and Methodius and their students - Clement, Naum and Angelarius along with them are depicted boyars present figures of warriors. Bodies in the non-mosaic triptych are placed at different angles -45 - 60 -90, which symbolizes the rise in the development of the Bulgarian State used two equal pieces, the pieces are combined with conspicuous above them typographical composition. Through three panels is traced writing, first with the features used by the Bulgars, among them stands the symbol of Tangra, the second shows the Glagolitic alphabet, the third depicts Cyrillic. Beautiful mosaics are made of artificial stones and silver, gold, black, and red smalt. At the top of the monument of 52 meters high is watching lion weighing 1000 tons, made ​​with 2000 elements of dark granite behind his tail is the symbol of the longevity according to Asian culture - butterfly. It symbolizes the existence of a Bulgarian state with its ups and downs, sustainability and the blows of time. To the monumental complex takes us lit alley from multiple steps with thirteen sites in between, starting from the city center, with four griffins, courtesy of Ivan Radev. To the foot of the plateau we accompany captivating water cascades, formed the project of architect Boris Kamilarov a steep stretch is dotted with cozy nooks for relaxation, surrounded by gorgeous scenery, there awaits us coffee "Panorama", the monument here is a short distance remains to get past the marble column, moved here from the town of Preslav. At the top we met the strict terms Asparoukh to it is the horse invariably accompanying Proto figures of khans Tervel, Krum, Omourtag approved rise and steadiness of the new state. Adoption of the Christian faith is a tribute to Boris, so to him lit shrub cross Tsar Simeon deservedly nicknamed the Great, displayed at the top state. The monument is a symbol of the indomitable spirit and strength of the Bulgarians and has a strong impact on visitors sightseeing. To architectural composition is built information center. It is arranged exhibition entitled "Bulgarian monumental art in the last decades of the 20th century" which exposed archival documents and original photographs of the construction of the historic complex, we can see and set the time of placement of the capsule with a covenant to the future.

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