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Steamship "Radetzky" - Kozloduy

Author: Павлина , 36.1 km From Oryahovo, Vratsa.    , Адрес: Vratsa, Козлодуй, GPS coordinates: N 43.7987127    E 23.6776721
Steamship "Radetzky" - Kozloduy , Picture

   Plant City is closely linked with life, work and tragic death of the immortal writer and revolutionary Hristo Botev. Ship with the rebels who cross the Danube to join in the struggle for liberation of the country is now a museum visited by many Bulgarian and foreign tourists wanting to experience the revolutionary spirit and heroism of the brave, willing to sacrifice mazhe.Chast is a hundred travel sites. The ship-museum is under the control of the National Museum in Kozloduy, under whose leadership is created and art gallery 1990g.Toy placed in specially built for him out of Kozloduy Beach.

   Steamer is the only unique floating museum. It was built in 1851. in Budapest and is a symbol of the thirst of the Bulgarian people for svoboda.Vazstanoven is celebrating the 90th anniversary of the death of Hristo Botev, according to the painter Kiran Yozhef.V vessel is exposed and his model made of it. When landing on solid ground, the master wishes success to Botev for their upcoming battle. After heavy fighting detachment reached Vratsa Balkan, but finds no support from local activists comitology and forced herself to keep heavy battles against the army repeatedly overpowering it. In another battle, it is assumed that Botev was killed by random kurshum.Ostanali without its leader rebels were severely razgromeni.i that ended April uprising, but sealed in the history of heroism and our hearts and makes them immortal. In ship-museum and national historic museum displays many documents and exhibits showing the bright and perpetuate their feat. Exposure in the vessel is located in the first class lounge, whose form is preserved today. In 1954 in Vratsa municipality has adopted the idea to outline the way Botev driven by a wide alley .. In 1958, Alley was built a monument to the death place of Hristo Botev. NPP is a preferred destination for many tourists wishing to take the steps of Botev.

    Great poet and revolutionary, was born January 6 1848g.v Kalofer family of Renaissance awake teacher who gave him a good education and kultura.Sled completing his secondary education in his hometown went to study in Russia, received a scholarship for high school in Odessa, but 1865g.e off. He returned to Bulgaria and started working as uchitel.Ne soon moved to Bucharest where he studied and worked. In November 1868. where he met with Vasil Levski and became a fervent follower of his ideas. Began publishing its own newspaper circulated in its brightest ideas of freedom and independence. When the course of the outbreak of the April uprising gathered his band, which was formed in advance and waiting for a sign. May 16 at Giurgiu boarded the passenger ship "Radetzky" crossed the Danube and joined the fight. Wrote him a letter to his immortal wife si.Drugo letter addressed to the captain in which he wrote the iconic phrase "You listen to my will ..".

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