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Author: ..., 3.4 km From Gorna Krepost.    , Адрес: Gorna Krepost, На 15 км. от Кърджали
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 In Central and Eastern Rhodopes can see many historical monuments from different eras. Many historical evidence suggests that the Temple of Thracian God Dionysius is where tam.Po particularly between the monumental rocks Perperikon.Na that sacred rites were performed and predictions of global importance. According to legend it was here was predicted using wine-fire ritual that Alexander the Great will conquer the world. In this land lived freedom-Thracian tribe of Bessi, presumably Nikita Remisianski them baptized in the Christian faith and give them a Thracian alphabet was created by him. Believed to have matched pieces of the Holy Cross in outdoor bronze reliquary cross, in digs in 2002. In the 18th century in this region began to be settled Turkish population and enters myusyulmanstvoto.Perperikon is known as Hyperperakion. He is 15 km.severoiztochno of Kardjali. Situated on 12 a clifftop height 470m.V foot there is Gorna fortress, and near it you Pernerishkata River flows into the lake "cold well". Perperikon is an archaeological complex, which will see the well preserved remains of ancient medieval fortress.

Part of a hundred national tourist obekti.Sastoi of four osnovoopredelyashti chasti.Mogashta wall surrounds the magnificent complex. Acropolis is located on the highest part, built of huge stone blocks. Palais carved in the rock and an area 10 000kv.m.Obosobeni are north and south suburbs of the remains of buildings and temples, among them there ulichki.V shaped buildings is incorporated an incredible mastery, the walls are very smooth and is not used no metal. Impressive water and sewer built of clay pipes and dug two water reservoirs.

Perperikon is associated with destruction of gold coins Perper and gold mining in the area. The flowering of the ancient city is the Roman epoha.Starinnoto Thracian settlement is still being primarily for archaeologists began excavations prez1979g. dnes.Golyam continue contributing to the development of the site has prof.Ovcharov. The excavations revealed a lot of pottery, coins and other antiquities revealing their secrets to us. Tourists remain subject to the magic of the holy city for centuries remained as testimony to the rich culture and customs of the area to trakite.V s.Nenkovo ​​is "church - a womb", 20 km from gr.Kardzhali.Toy's amazing creation of nature . In Kardzhali can visit the museum, you will see unique exhibits, archaeological, natural, istoricheski-/beztsenni icons, carvings /.

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shenol sadula, 15.05.2012

perperikon e na 15 kilometra prewz stremtsi i 18 prez 4iflik no naistina e yako

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