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Cave "Bacho Kiro" - Dryanovo

Author: , 5.1 km From Genchovtsi.    , GPS coordinates: N 42.9470522    E 25.4306405
 Cave "Bacho Kiro" - Dryanovo, Picture
 Cave "Bacho Kiro" - Dryanovo, Picture 1 Cave "Bacho Kiro" - Dryanovo, Picture 2 Cave "Bacho Kiro" - Dryanovo, Picture 3 Cave "Bacho Kiro" - Dryanovo, Picture 4

   West of Dryanovo Monastery, ten minutes away is the cave "Bacho Kiro", named in honor of the hero of the April uprising that was hiding there. Nearby is a water cave "Andaka." "Bacho Kiro" with a length of 3500 m was formed among the sheer cliffs and a complex maze of galleries. There are also studies from different local and foreign archaeologists professor Yurichin, American Dorothy Garat. Most data is the first room - porch, and found there tools made from bones, coarse blades, knives prove that there is no life since ancient times, formed for visitors about seven hundred meters from the cave. There is full of beautiful, bizarre limestone formations - stalactites, stalactones, stalagmites and columns. The cave was declared a national tourist site because of its unique look and is much visited tourist attraction. The cave has a 95% relative humidity and constant temperature of 13 degrees, the weather and water have carved exquisite figures of birds, people, snakes, fish, distinguished lines of Mary and the baby will have the opportunity to go through an unusual hole in the wall which is believed that purified from sins so-called "Purgatory", the more difficult to pass through the narrow hole, the more you sin. The cave was found the oldest skeleton of a cave bear in the Balkans, three meters high. It is believed that the cave was originally formed by rivers and Dryanovska Andaka then karst waters with extreme precision CREATE A unique aspect of natural phenomena, and placed lighting enhances the effect of magical beauty.

  There are several rooms with different names depending on the features which characterize, Rain, Concert Hall, Stone Flower, Lake of happiness, tne, cave ear, jellyfish, Elephant ...... We go through the low entrance and fall into a large anteroom is the highest rain breathtaking room with fantastic stalactites hanging from the white ceiling, the figure of the monk Hariton will see in the central hall, Landslip is nasteleno with rocks and is the highest situated to the entrance in the reception hall stands the stone eagle with outstretched wings, anywhere you can see impressive, picturesque and varied formations underground forms. The floor of the cave is covered with deposits formed millions of years ago, lower levels are covered with clay deposits, and high galleries with river gravels.

Cave is long and is under constant surveillance, declared a natural monument to 1962. And was later reconstructed and modernized.

Nearby there is a hut built of the same name, it works as a disco. There are comfortable routes and attractive trails for us to provide a pleasant and memorable trip and vacation in the magic of our natural and cultural heritage.

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