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Cave "Devil

Author: , 2.1 km From Trigrad.    , GPS coordinates: N 41.6141364    E 24.3793524
Cave "Devil, Picture
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       Following the failure of underground layers is formed deep dark cave Devil's Throat cave abyss is hidden in the depths of the majestic Rhodope. It is the phenomenon of Trigrad picturesque gorge through it runs high, underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula.

       The natural entrance of the cave, which today is used for output like the devil's head and from there the cave got its name, there is another version in which everything fell under the ground with restless water now never goes out, people called it a miracle "devilment" . Research studies related to cave tragic incident in which two divers lost their lives after this case is trying to find some explanation be made only by staining the water. Hole through which you enter into an artificially dug it traveled 150 m long gallery and find ourselves in a large hall, the second largest in Bulgaria after Devetashka cave. It has a length of 110 meters, width 40 m and a height of about 35 m. The waters of the underground river with great speed and strong hum fall of 42 meters high in the spacious room called because Rumbling-room. Unfortunately, by the formidable waterfall is really very little for a short water calms and we can see the calm waters and how target-siphon gallery and sink into the ground and derby came to the surface after about 500 meters.


          The entrance of a small room carved at the beginning of the great hall stands an ancient figure of a man carved in stone, when climbing up the many steps otvestni will reach more than a small spring which is the outline of the image of the Virgin Mary shrine in miniature some of the visitors leave coins and prayed with faith and hope that the wishes expressed here are true. This home in the winter of rare long-winged bats. Trying to penetrate the cave made in 1962. climbers Korchev Nicolas and Elena Padarevo, but does not reach far from the great hall, it is only 350 meters lit and safe for tourists climbing the steep stairs up along the waterfall are not dangerous and they are equipped with concrete railing is all done for security calm and crawl the cave temperature is 8 degrees is constantly open in summer and winter working with queries, you can get and print sites. Because of its uniqueness has been declared part of a hundred tourist sites in Bulgaria.


       There's a legend that at the time when there was Orpheus and his love for Eurydice here has descended into the underworld of Hades to rescue his beloved. The cave holds many secrets and even startling appearance is worth to see our output meets Devil head and lay out before us a unique divine nature. Set on a memorial plaque in memory of the dead diver. A mile is the attractive village Trigrad except unique natural creations that you enjoy, you will find quiet and cozy hotel band and guest houses with delicious Rhodope dishes and unforgettable experiences.

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Ивена, 08.02.2012

Това е най-интересната за мен пещера в Бг. Искам да споделя, че има 288 естествени стъпала, така че, на който не му позволява възрастта или здравето да изкачва много стълби му препоръчвам да не се захваща.

Стоян Атанасов, 08.02.2012

Съгласен съм, мен ме впечатли реката, която минава през цялата пещера и минава през така наречения "сифон" на пещерата и до сега никой не може да каже, какво се случва там. Водолази са се опитали да разберат мистерията, но за загубили живота си.

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