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Cave "Uhlovitsa"

Author: Павлина , 4.4 km From Mogilitsa.    , Адрес: Smolyan, с. Могилица
Cave "Uhlovitsa", Picture
Cave "Uhlovitsa", Picture 1Cave "Uhlovitsa", Picture 2Cave "Uhlovitsa", Picture 3Cave "Uhlovitsa", Picture 4

  Unique underground remote beauty is bound to three kilometers from Mogilitsa Uhlovitsa cave, in the "Blue pools" passes near the Arda River. The name means a type of nocturnal bird of prey. Is formed at the foot of the Western Rhodopes amazing and is the oldest there. According to the research cave occurred 3.5 million years ago. The time has created indescribable beauty of coral formations resembling sea and ends with a fabulous seven lakes whose crystalline water splashing around in the summer its luster. As the largest lake fall dazzling, pearly streams of white stone waterfall. Located at 1040 meters altitude, and temperature throughout the year remains at 10-11 degrees, the average depth is 25 meters long and is about 460 meters, but the chance for visitors is only 330 meters. Discovered by Dimitar and Georgi Raychevi in ​​1969. But is well laid out and made available to fans of underground charm in 1983. Because of the unique dendritic formations, the magic of the fantastic forms of corallites and helicates was declared a natural landmark. It has two cave formed in the rocky cleft, rich in sinter formations. Upstairs is the "Hall of the gaps" to highlight the outline of four vertical caves, the hall boasts stalactites hanging from the ceiling, resembling udders, some of them are oxidized and have acquired their brown color distinguish two sinter waterfalls, we see education 4.2 meters in circumference - "Big Stalactone". Magnetic beauty spread before us at the bottom of the underground palace, there we get a steep metal ladder. Met gorgeous, divine forms, bouquets of coral descend everywhere, motionless charm of stone waterfalls. In winter many cave bats to catch a glimpse of a real lucky. The path to it is difficult but worth it izminem to enjoy the incredible beauty and magnificent views of detectable there, asphalt road leads to the parking lot from there began climbing the hillside among the picturesque scenery scent that lasts 30-40 minutes near the parking lot can otdahnem in a nice restaurant or picturesque gazebo.

  Thousands of people take this challenge, even for a moment to become part of this exciting tale is added to the list of hundred tourist sites in Bulgaria. In this part of the country are some of the most significant and magnificent caves, marvelous creations of nature, which deserve our attention. Numerous cultural and historical attractions and hospitality chalets and hotels are waiting and waiting for their fans famous Pamporovo ski resort located only 37 kilometers. District Smolyan attracts with its center and renovated original architecture of the cultural complex which covers the Regional History Museum and Planetarium emblematic.


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