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Natural Science Museum "Pliocene epoch park"

, 1 km From Dorkovo.    , GPS coordinates: N 42.0495999    E 24.1197833
Natural Science Museum "Pliocene epoch park", Picture
Natural Science Museum "Pliocene epoch park", Picture 1Natural Science Museum "Pliocene epoch park", Picture 2Natural Science Museum "Pliocene epoch park", Picture 3Natural Science Museum "Pliocene epoch park", Picture 4

One of the most interesting natural history museums in Bulgaria opened on September 19, 2013 in his native village of Dorkovo. In Pliocene Park - Dorkovo exposed artifacts dating to the era of the Pliocene, found during excavations of the palaeontological field, located near the village, in the area of bone. Pliocene is the geological epoch that began about 5.3 million years ago and ended 2.6 million years. Deposit near Dorkovo is - great, now open to the Balkans and the second most important in Europe. Found bones of over 30 animal species, 600 bones were studied in an area of 15 sq m. The idea of building a museum was born during the Bulgarian-French expedition took place in the 80s of last century. The architect of the building is Yavor Yordanov, and the idea is Simeon Stoilov. Built of glass and metal, with a dome 300 sq m and a cylindrical shape. The first thing you see when you cross the threshold of Pliocene Park is a large sculpture of a mastodon overnski (Anancus arvernensis). Height is 3.90 meters and is located in the center of the exhibition hall. To a huge mastodon tusk is located on borsonov mastodon discovered near the village of General Inzovo, Yambol region. Second, - a small sculpture in the center of the room is dolihopitek - fossil ape. Both sculptures are the work of artists Velizar Simeonovski Ivaylo Avramov and Theodore NANEV. In Pliocene park is exposed and restoration of sites, including real bones found in the area, unique fossil ivory as part of the palate with a overnski mastodon molars, shoulder bones of Balkan Pliocene duck and canine tooth doplihopitek. The museum has many information panels providing visitors interesting facts and photos about the exhibits and the region, the work of scientists from BAS. Ten foot landscape diorama presents nature in the region during the Pliocene. Presented are fossil ape rannopliotsenska bear, grouse Rhodope, rhododendron fossil deer, tapir fossil, horned rhinoceros Pliocene magnolia, herd and flock overnski mastodons hipparions. Sounds of the animals whose remains are found in the area are reproduced from the museum mounted microphones. Pliocene park is open to visitors from 10.00 to 19.00 hours from March to October and from 10:00 to 17:00 from November to February, every day.

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