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Jagodinska cave

Author: Павлина Янева, 3.1 km From Yagodina.    , Адрес: Devin, с. Ягодина, GPS coordinates: N 41.6287679    E 24.3296648
Jagodinska cave, Picture
Jagodinska cave, Picture 1Jagodinska cave, Picture 2Jagodinska cave, Picture 3Jagodinska cave, Picture 4

 Rhodope Mountains is low, but ranks first in beauty and uniqueness. In its depths has preserved many historical treasures, divine creations of nature, magnificent specimens of the cave world, impressive rock formations, deep canyons and scenic rivers, formed charming havens to which the target at every opportunity for a little rest and relaxation from the daily congestion . Pearl is the beauty of the Rhodope Yagodinska, a fairy tale where you'll find more than one entrance in. Situated magnetic wildlife and scenic rocky cascades of Buynovsko Gorge offers us to experience a real adventure. It leads to a narrow asphalt road surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs high, if you prefer hiking for about two hours to reach the nearby village of Trigrad.

  Cave is the longest in the Rhodopes, 10 km., Has three floors, but only the lowest third floor is safe and accessible for visitors passes through lit path and allows visitors to admire the astonishing brilliance of cave formations . Input and output are artificially dug, the natural entrance leads to an ancient house, found there articles show that the cave was inhabited in the fourth century before the beginning era.Oshte are among the countless bizarre formations and fairy of flowers, stalactites, stalagmites and stalactites CREATE artistic forms and fascinating shapes resembling fine curtains, birds, animals, due to iridescent colors are produced attractive colors like leopard tell.

 Emblematic of cave pearls, their mysterious luster and grace attract our eyes, some of the stone statues resemble Santa Claus, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pijo and Penda. Throughout the year the temperature remains about six degrees and the humidity is 92%, altitude is about 930 meters in one of the rooms have tree that stays fresh for years about her welcome another new year in the same room fans of unconventional wedding ceremonies were married. Permanent residents of the underground palace are bats troglobionts, cave crickets, spiders, meet lichens, mosses, fungi and gabi.V There are over two hundred caves are inaccessible for mass visits. Yagodinska because of its unparalleled beauty and magnetism are among the hundred tourist sites in Bulgaria. It is open for tourists throughout the year and the last entry is 16:15, has a seal. Front parking lot was built, while waiting for their turn to go sightseeing you can relax and refresh yourself a cup of coffee or a delicious lunch in a relaxed restorant.Nablizo hut "Teshel" may stay in the beautiful hotel "Popina Lucky" located next to cave. Yagodina Village also offers its hospitality, interest the guest house "Snejana" besides convenience and comfort, the owners at the request of customers organize trips to places in the vicinity.

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Станил Добрев, 29.02.2012

Една от най-красивите пещери в България!
И на нас ни стана много интересно, че правят сватбени церменонии в пещерата.
Дори полюбопитствахме за цената на подобна услуга и не беше някаква плашеща цифра.

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