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Regional History Museum - Veliko Tarnovo

Author: , 1 km From Kupinovo.    , Адрес: Veliko Tarnovo, ул. Никола Пиколо 6
Regional History Museum - Veliko Tarnovo, Picture

 At the regional history museum includes many sites of historical and cultural significance located in Veliko Turnovo and Veliko Tarnovo are oblastta.Tova, an architectural museum reserve "Arbanassi" Kalifarevo, Voneshta Water and Nicopolis ad Istrum.

  Historical Museum takes care of the vast inheritance bequeathed by their ancestors ni.Nay numerous historical monuments are in place grada.Parvo significance occupies the imposing castle Tsarevets, which is the most important fortress during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Based on archaeological excavations suggest that its structure, whose remains we see today began in the 12th century. The massive wall is preserved throughout the centuries the Bulgarian kings and cultural heritage. Tourists can learn about the history of our museum exhibits in museums, "Revival and Constituent Assembly" and "Modern and Contemporary History." Saved a stone edifice of the prison museum. It has three floors, two courtyards surrounded by high walls and ancillary buildings. The exhibition is located on the ground and first floor are arranged for visitors three cells and solitary confinement. The premises are at the torture instruments used on them but on fototablo names of famous people imprisoned here - Totyu, Vasil Levski, School of Transport and others. Near them is situated Serafkinata house, where I present ethnographic izlozhbi.Pristapish threshold and overwhelms peace and comfort that is enhanced by the splendor of the carved ceiling. In the eastern foot of the castle Trapezitsa is the church "St. George ". Massively built stone building erected in the early 17th century. According to the inscription placed above the door the old church was built and decorated by donors. Construction of the church "St. Peter and Paul" at the foot of the hill associated with the relics of St. John Polivotski by Tsar Kaloyan in Turnovo in 1204g. In later grew into a monastery complex. Saved by the ruthless destruction of the time were from the church calendar. Historical records link the construction of the church "St. Dimitar" with the uprising of Asen and Peter. Located at the eastern foot of the castle Trapezitsa. Picturesque appearance of the Memorial Church transmits alternating stone and brick lines. During excavations around it are remains of another church and a large necropolis.

  Arbanasi Reserve attracts visitors from around the world for its rich history and unique krasota.Tuk we can see the houses retain their authenticity to the present, exquisite decorations and darvorezbi.Shte visit the old church "Holy Ascension" built-prez15 century and preserved the priceless frescoes. Admiration and pride cause us other churches and two monasteries, each with its own charm. The village is visited by scientists, archeologists, historians and artists because of its architectural and artistic heritage.

  South of Veliko Tarnovo 11km. of it going into gr.Kilifarevo. The exposition of the historical museum is housed in Saraliev house. Documents, photographs and pieces of material out there talking about the era of Ottoman rule, the Renaissance and the material and spiritual culture of the population. A rich collection of exhibits presents the prime of craftsmanship, skill in making gravestones, graphics and sculptures. The birthplace of the legendary Bulgarian leader Totyu is 40km.yuzhno of Veliko Tarnovo, near s.Voneshta water. An interesting and Roman town Nicopolis ad Istrum 20 km. north of the district town. It was founded by the Roman emperor Trajan and Marcus had a strategic importance. The necropolis of the city lies on both sides of the road.

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