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Regional Historical Museum - Stara Zagora

, 667 metres From Stara Zagora.    , GPS coordinates: N 42.4266081    E 25.6277105
Regional Historical Museum - Stara Zagora, Picture
Regional Historical Museum - Stara Zagora, Picture 1Regional Historical Museum - Stara Zagora, Picture 2Regional Historical Museum - Stara Zagora, Picture 3Regional Historical Museum - Stara Zagora, Picture 4

Stara Zagora is one of the - ancient cities in Bulgaria, with a rich history and glorious past. The first data for populating the area date back to the sixth century BC. Every era has left its mark, reached us many documents and relics, revealing the steps of development and growth of the city as a cultural and economic center. Over the years, the need arises discovered findings to be exposed to knowledge and learning, gradually conceived the idea of creating a museum. The first one is arranged in a school room, and then in the hall of the municipal government. Special building for the museum was built in 1912, the first curators Atanas Kozhuharov Hristo Raykov work dedicatedly to search, explore and enrich the collection of the museum, make excavations, exploring tombs, fortress ruins, ancient Acropolis. The museum became the guardian of the priceless historical heritage is interesting not only at tourists but also students, public figures, scientists from other countries. The exposure was continuously expanded, split several sections - Archeology, Ethnography, Renaissance, Modern History, Contemporary History. Over time, having the museum to move to a larger building. In 2007 moves into its present building. The museum has created a working group, their work is indispensable not only for local but also national history. Archaeology Section has several subdivisions. The "Prehistory", the exhibits were found during archaeological surveys Azmashkata mound and mounds in the area - here you can see the stone and pottery, weapons, jewelry. "Ancient history" reflects the Roman and early Byzantine era presents the material and spiritual culture of the people of the ancient Augusta Traiana, the collection contains amazing collections of bronze objects, glass containers, stone sculpture, tools, Thracian chariots, fine jewelry and late antique mosaics. "Medieval Archaeology" includes artifacts from medieval sites in the region, church utensils, pottery, medieval stone sculpture, amazing female ornaments. Ethnography focuses on the traditions, material and spiritual culture and customs. You will discover colorful traditional costumes, beautiful nakiti- belts, carved bracelets, rings, necklaces, hand woven rugs and pillows, pottery and wrought copper. Impressive e exposure coins in "Numismatics" is the most complete collection of coins from Augusta Traiana, great value have Thracian, Roman, Byzantine and ancient Bulgarian coins are collected outlined Byzantine lead seals. In the section "History of Bulgaria" has traced the fate of the Stara Zagora region, and presents documents, objects, interesting collections of 19th century period 15th stored are authentic relics related to fighting - antique swords, revolvers, rifles, cannon balls. Especially valuable is the copy of Pisiy "Slav" and the flag of Stara Zagora rebels of 1875. Materials provided in the next section continues the story from the end of the liberation struggle to the end of World War II, are connected with music, education and publishing, economic, political and cultural life in the city, continuing its rise to the present day. Evidence of this are the rich collections of photos, documents, medals, artifacts. The museum is the initiator of many cultural events, exhibitions, lectures on various topics, aired documentaries to it has opened a specialized library with rare scientific works and unique patterns. Some priceless exhibits visit many famous museums around the world as unique helmet -Sea essential masks, Sarmatian sword with gold trim, bronze and silver trim for chariots and plate "Lioness with lion" became a symbol of the city. At the heart of the building, adapted to the general appearance of the museum is the main street of the ancient Roman Augusta Traiana, the court can look Lapidarium containing artifacts of great archaeological value. Regional History Museum takes care of many historical sites in the city - Neolithic dwellings Memorial complex Hilendar convent ancient Augusta Traiana, Roman Baths, the Museum of beer.

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