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Rusokastro Fortress

Author: Росица Николова, 17.7 km From Sredets.    , Адрес: Burgas, 24 км от гр. Бургас и на 3 км. от с. Русокастро, GPS coordinates: N 42.4802366    E 27.1735583
Rusokastro Fortress, Picture

Rusokastro village is located 24 km. Bourgas. 3 km. the village in ancient times there was a Thracian sanctuary on which was built the castle, which dates from 1500 years ago.

The history of the fort is very long, but very interesting. It was built in order to monitor and control the main roads in northeastern Thrace, passes east of the Balkan Mountains and the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast to the Bosphorus and Constantinople. Arab geographer El Idrisi mentions the village as a big city with many inhabitants. The city is described by Byzantine chroniclers in the historical battle in 1332 when Tsar Ivan Alexander defeated the Byzantine Emperor Andronicus. During Odrysian kingdom here Thracians had an important economic center.

For Thracian settlement testify various findings. Discovered plate horseman coin minted in Kirik city since the beginning of the V c. BC. BC., Silver drachmas and tetradrachms found a hoard of bronze coins, jugs and a short sword. Excavations have uncovered - fortification, secret passage. Extremely remarkable is the scale with very strange and surreal fantastic cavities where the ancient Thracians performed their rituals.

In 2006 they found four semicircular niches forms of altars for daroprinosheniya. Interesting are two sacrificial stone, made in the form of baths near the cave - "Russia hole." At the bottom of the cave is well, for which the legends tell that the water is healing and magical. According to locals this place is connected with the Bulgarian history. Named "Rusin stone" or "Rusina hole" of maid Blonde, which was in love with the Dragon. Dragon become a young man and so transformed every morning when she goes for water he lying in wait there. Maiden refused the dragon because he had loved. St. George's monastery fortress were fun, the dragon came down and stole the girl. People prayed and she cried for a long and listen to it all day and nosht.Bashtata girl asked St. George for help. St. George released blond, as a fierce battle defeated the dragon. Therefore connect the girl with built church "St. George".

Around the church is discovered necropolis with 38 graves of men, women and children have been opened - pottery, coins and other objects. Excavations have uncovered more - a secret passage fortified walls, gates and towers on 45 acres. plosht.Osmanskoto invasion marked the end of the settlement. Nowadays the church "St. George" is a sacrifice of health, there wrestling and celebrations.

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