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Kovachevitca Village

, 261 metres From Kovachevitsa.    , GPS coordinates: N 41.6855312    E 23.8266401
Kovachevitca Village, Picture
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On the steep slopes of the Western Rhodope Mountains, 1020 meters above sea level is one of the historical and architectural reserve in Bulgaria - âèà. The village is located 23 km from the town of Gotse Delchev, along the river invites, also known as Blood River in the southwestern part of the Rhodopes - Dabrash. Âèà is one of the most - popular tourist places in Bulgaria preserved its authentic character and unique Renaissance atmosphere over the years. The unique architecture of Kovachevitsa and narrow cobblestone streets attract large and small, come here to escape from the noisy city to enjoy the tranquility and romance amidst the unspoiled beauty of the village. Kovatchevitsa village with ancient history. The first settlers came here during the years of conversions. From 1623 to 1625, as in 1656, the Bulgarians refusing to convert to Islam are subjected to inhuman violence and were forced to leave their homes and seek a place hardly accessible to the Turks, while favorable for the development of livestock and Agriculture - the main livelihood in those times the local population. Rescue located in inaccessible parts of the Rhodopes. Land of the village is full of sources of drinking water, vast pastures and mild climate favor the resettlement of refugees in the area. In the first years of the settlement of the settlement arises unique residential buildings arranged ensemble called "fraternal" because of generic base stacking. The houses are built condensed and narrow space between them was turned into a steep narrow streets with original stone flooring. Revival architectural style Kovachevica no analogue in Bulgarian architecture. The name of the village, according to an old legend comes from the famous master - blacksmith and farrier Mark, after his death his wife Gina took feeding the whole family. When I visited relatives and the surrounding villages, they said, "We're going to Kovachevica" or the blacksmith's wife. Over time the neighborhood was called Kovachevica. In the years to defend the frequent bandit attacks around it grouped all close quarters and so founded the present village. During the Renaissance Kovachevica was the center of the church and educational work in Nevrokop. Since then the church "St. Nikola" monument built by Kovachevitsa masons and volunteering in local communities. Of - later, in 1820 to build the church school. Children are taught here until 1854. In 1900. was built and four bell with unique different bells, cast in place of the collected population bells that master blend. In the fifties of the last century Kovachevica suffered much of the migration processes in the country. Young people migrated to nearby towns where work and better living conditions. Been abandoned many of the unique houses in the village to sink into oblivion and slowly began to crumble. The preservation of Kovachevica helps many Bulgarian cinema - the beautiful houses were taken over 20 films, making it the most - photographed village in Bulgaria. Here Movies like "Man Time", "Measure for Measure" and many others. The popularity of the village is growing rapidly, especially after its announcement in 1977 of Historical and Architectural Reserve. Dilapidated houses are quickly sold, the new owners restored them and so the village was saved from the fate of many other towns in Bulgaria. Nowadays Kovachevica is a popular tourist destination, accommodation is available on every corner and in local pubs will try unique Rhodope specialties made with love from organic products.

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