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Rezovo and river Rezvaya

Author: Стела Горова, 392 metres From Rezovo.    , GPS coordinates: N 41.9849974    E 28.0291649
Rezovo and river Rezvaya, Picture
Rezovo and river Rezvaya, Picture 1Rezovo and river Rezvaya, Picture 2Rezovo and river Rezvaya, Picture 3Rezovo and river Rezvaya, Picture 4

One of the most - beautiful corners of our native coast is the best - the southeastern part of Bulgaria - beautiful Rezovo. The village is located at the mouth of the river Rezvaya, along which passes the border with Turkey. If you are from people looking for a peaceful beach holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the big resorts, it Resovo will enchant you with its small, cozy family hotels and unique atmosphere. Strandja village as many villages depopulated progressive latest data permanent residents are 77 people in the summer their number increases considerably because of the many seasonal properties. Along with the many pristine beaches and fabulous views, an attractive destination for tourists estuary Rezvaya. Every year thousands of visitors come here to enjoy the turquoise water, steep coast, fishing boats and rich flora and fauna, wild rhododendron river. A view of our southern neighbor is more than impressive - endless, deserted golden beaches, sea view to where you reach the beautiful eyes of the Strandja mountain. Resovo is a village with a rich history, one of the theories about the origin of the village name associated with the Thracian king Rhesus mentioned in Homer's Iliad. Around the village there are traces of mining dating from the IV - III century. Etc.. Chr., A small fortress and Thracian necropolis. Due to the frequent pirate raids Resovo has mestie several times, the current location is from 1903, when it was built and the "St.. sv. Konstantin and Elena ". The main occupation of rezovtsi years were fishing, pastoralism, vagleshtarstvoto and logging. Nowadays people here make their living mainly from tourism. Rezvaya River is the border between Bulgaria and the Republic of Turkey in 1913, after the treaty of Bucharest, which ended Inter-war and much of the Strandja remains in the territory of Turkey. The river rises near - to the highest peak of Strandja - Mahiada (1031 m) and the length is 112 km. The coast of Rezvaya is very steep and difficult to access, and dense oak forests make it more difficult to approach her. This is one of the reasons Rezvaya is poorly researched and uninhabited.

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Красимира Стефанова, 15.09.2014

Това райско кътче от Българското черноморие съм го посещавала няколко пъти и никога не мие омръзвало да се връщам пак,и пак.Удивително място със страхотна гледка към морето и реката,рибарските лодки и.....безбрежната морска шир!

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