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Sofia zoo

Author: Л. Иванова, 5.6 km From Sofia.    , Адрес: Sofia, бул. „Симеоновско шосе”
Sofia zoo, Picture
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 Sofia zoo was established in 1888 with the idea of ​​Prince Ferdinand, and the first exhibit there is a map (black vulture species) caught in the country. Prince was a great lover of birds, and soon appeared in the collection ten types of pheasants, peacocks, pink pelicans, crested quails and others. Among its first occupants are a family of lions, bears and deer. In 1982 the zoo was moved from downtown to its present position and today with its area of ​​360 acres, it is the largest in the Balkans. Its 124-year history makes it also the oldest on the peninsula.

  Today the zoo to breed and raise rare animals, eg. drill monkeys, Amur and Persian leopards, space heating ADAX antelope, Arabian oryx and others.; to it has created an environmental and educational center. In addition to protected species, the zoo can be seen as typical of European forest reindeer, wolves, foxes, bears, and many others. other animals. Favorite children and adults are typical of the continent of Africa - hippos, zebras, antelopes, rhinos and elephants. In primates and monkeys separated two pavilions interesting observation pavilions and the aquarium and terrarium. Since 1995 the zoo was established agenda for adoption of animals to support their care.

  The zoo is included in the 100 national tourist sites of the SIP.

By the end of winter 2012 in Sofia zoo visit from six penguin species Jenna. They are hatched at the zoo in Edinburgh. Usually the type found around the Falkland Islands and Antarctica, adults reach a height of 80 cm and weighing approximately 6 kg. Pollution of the oceans and global warming contribute to the reduction of their population and they are already included in the World Red Book.


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