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Medieval fortress-village Mezek

Author: Павлина Янева, 13.9 km From Madzharovo.    , Адрес: Svilengrad, с. Мезек, GPS coordinates: N 41.7374917    E 26.0835975
Medieval fortress-village Mezek, Picture
Medieval fortress-village Mezek, Picture 1Medieval fortress-village Mezek, Picture 2Medieval fortress-village Mezek, Picture 3Medieval fortress-village Mezek, Picture 4

 Mezek Village is located just a kilometer from the border with Greece, a small unique village has an ancient history and keep the rich historical heritage, situated in the Thracian plain at the foot of the majestic Rhodope Mountains, part of the territory of the municipal center of Svilengrad, which is 10 kilometers. Nearby function known wine cellar with quality wines, the village also has a wine cellar but wines produced there are botikovi and can only try there original style atmosphere and pleasant Thracian music.

   He was awarded the prestigious gold seal of European settlement. In the area found several remarkable objects brought fame to the ancient settlement, according to the present day have reached documents and studies saying that it was important Thracian center and had the name Mouzaki, which means the museum. In the land of Meltepe mound located in the suburbs is the best-preserved tomb of the fourth century BC. It is entirely preserved in its original form, it found authentic ancient relics give us valuable information about the capabilities and achievements of the Thracians in the construction, household, religious rituals and beliefs. Since the late 11th and early 12th century and dates are almost to her medieval castle, which is supposed to be present in the ancient books fortress "Neutzikon" and other ruins are best preserved in our country, it is assumed that functioned until the late 14th century when the country came under Ottoman rule. The walls surrounding seven acres resembling an irregular rectangle with a length of 110 meters and 60 meters wide built of stone blocks bonded with mortar between them built a four layers of bricks, reinforced with nine towers strategically located with rounded shape and height over 10 meters .

   The towers are divided into floors, complete with holes in them go inside wooden stairs, most striking is the tower in the southwest near the fortress, the largest and well preserved on three floors and two towers allows the defense even when the enemy has infiltrated fort. The northern side is reinforced with additional tower and hard to pit depth reaches 1.90 m, the south side is the most vulnerable. Of interest is the entrance which is located in the bend of the western wall, the attackers enter the trap, trapped at the site open to fire from both sides. East and south side have a thickness of about 2.5 m and are reinforced with bricks, based on archeological excavations revealed that the interior design of the towers is different and has been reappointed for different purposes, one of the towers was used to jail.

   First studies done Rashenov architect in the thirties of the twentieth century, but they are partial. In successive studies have found material indicating that the fort was built during the reign of Byzantine Emperor A.Komnin, it was a bustling center of military and public life, to witness a number of findings that parts of arrowheads, horseshoes, spurs, pottery , ornaments, charred corn mills, tools, talking about life that is bubbling there, south of the fort are traces of the medieval village. Fortress was demolished around 1900., The victim is the north wall of the fortress wall places remained almost its full height, missing only the top battlements.

   There have been some restoration and conservation activities and tourist information center open to the object which takes care of the fortress and the domed tomb. Byzantine castle is a national archaeological monument of the high towers opens breathtaking views of vast expanse, in clear weather in the distance appears the White Sea.


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