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Stobski pyramids

Author: Т. Димитрова, 5.2 km From Kocherinovo.    , Адрес: Kocherinovo, с. Стоб, GPS coordinates: N 42.0964710    E 23.1130456
Stobski pyramids, Picture
Stobski pyramids, Picture 1Stobski pyramids, Picture 2Stobski pyramids, Picture 3Stobski pyramids, Picture 4

  Pyramids are unique rock formations made by Mother Nature. Massive forms of the rocks resemble pyramids, while others resemble cones. The height of the majestic formations is between 7 and 12 meters. Exclusive landmark enjoys great interest from tourists. Raises admiration not only among our fellow citizens, the beauty of the pyramids worship travelers from around the world. The rock is a miracle in the list of hundred tourist sites.

  Pyramids are located near the village of Stob, located in the western part of Rila. The pyramids occupy the northern and southern side of a mountain. More pronounced are educated on the north side, but are located south of gastichko and outnumbered. Apart from being a "pyramid" these rock formations known as the "mushroom rock" because some of them have stone caps measuring 120 80 cm for the occurrence of this natural creation among locals tell many legends. Prominent among them are the emergence of a rock formation known as "bride". It appeared to scar tissue from izpepelyavashtata but impossible love of a Bulgarian woman and a Turkish boy. The girl could not bear his heavy fate and jumped off the cliff. The place from which it jumped hopeless girl rock formed pyramid. Another popular legend states that the rock formations "Svatovete" are petrified wedding anathematized by the mother of the bride, who was much against his daughter's wedding.

   Even today, the pyramids change forms and image. This is due to weather conditions affecting the rocks, resulting in part from formations are destroyed and form new ones. If you decide to visit this natural phenomenon, local advice you to do it at sunset or full moon, then the pyramids were the most majestic and beautiful.


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