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"You who come here, be healthy!"

Author: Стела Горова, 12.6 km From Gramatikovo.    , GPS coordinates: N 42.0043872    E 27.6530715
"You who come here, be healthy!", Picture
"You who come here, be healthy!", Picture 1"You who come here, be healthy!", Picture 2"You who come here, be healthy!", Picture 3"You who come here, be healthy!", Picture 4

Strandja keep their secrets. Here the sea hugging the mountains, the sky kisses the earth merged paganism with Christianity, man exists in perfect harmony with nature. People here keep secrets of ancient rituals that time and history have changed, but still honor and transmitted from generation to generation. Mountain, shrouded in mystery and legends of magical springs and hidden treasures as a magnet attracting thousands of tourists every year. For the guardians of the holy places in the mountain Strandja are exceptional honor. Here every stone tells a story, every creek whispers tales in each chapel burning candle. One of those magical places and sanctuary Indipascha. Thracian sanctuary guarded secrets of ancient priests and rituals, hidden in the depths of the mountain, away from noise and people's vanity. Here are difficult to reach, but people believe that the more - difficult is the way you, the more magical spring water will help. Ways to get to the sanctuary are mainly two - one time starts Kachul area, which is located between the town of Malko Tarnovo and village Gramatikovo to Indipascha distance is approximately 10 km, with a few places there are information signs to guide you. Next time starts from the village Slivarovo, where the forest you will reach after about 5 km. Both routes are black, forest, suitable for off-road vehicles. You can go with the car, but you risk leaving parts of it along the way. Get you to an information plate of the sanctuary and wooden benches and tables, stop and look behind them - from there starts a steep path that after about 500 meters you descend to the deep and dank dollars. There waiting for you Indipascha! The place was sacred for more Thracian tribes inhabited the lands of the ancient mountain. Mystical Thracian priests performed this magical rituals paying homage to the Sun God and the Earth - mother. But over time, thick forests hide dank place and people forget about the fountain under the rock. There is a legend of a local pastor who had blind buffalo. The shepherd his dozhalyalo the animal and instead of killing him, he would send in the woods. Past few days and it came back seeing. In time the buffalo again blind shepherd him away again in the forest and the animal went back seeing. Curious shepherd followed the bull to see how this miracle. Following it came to dark and dank place under the rock flowed water from which the beast drank. So word of mouth legend Indipascha risen. Here people come to pray at - especially for health. The strength of the Sanctuary lies in the healing water. Cold and crystal clear, springing from the foot of the rock, bearing salvation for all strong believers in the miracle of Indipascha. Locals say that water is the most - curing the week after Easter, so most - many believers you can see here at this time of year. Some light a candle in small wooden chapel, others tied a piece of clothing to leave here the pain and anguish to make way for the light in your life and go purified and healthy. For people who came out of curiosity, the place seemed strange and gloomy. There is no sun, moisture seeps into the air around you will see traces of strange rituals, clothing, icons, household items and whatnot left on wooden odarche or hanging over the spring. One thing is certain - you will never forget this magical place, hidden in the green embrace of Strandja!

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