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The sanctuary of the nymphs and Aphrodite

Author: М. Иванова, 13.5 km From Haskovo.    , Адрес: , Каснаково, GPS coordinates: N 42.0135909    E 25.4901695
The sanctuary of the nymphs and Aphrodite, Picture

   The sanctuary is the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad, the villages and Kasnakovo Klokotnica Bunar Giaour in the area. The sanctuary is among the best preserved. It is the only Nymphaeum in the country.

   The foundation of the sanctuary is a large retaining wall, caught in the rocks. It was excavated three niches. They have captured two springs 3 baseyncheta. Both are brick and the same. Located at the ends of poluelipsa. Surrounded by white marble with pink. The third source is in the middle, it is built on a semicircular arch. The springs are connected by a stone chute passing near the bulkhead. A system of pipes located below ground connecting springs and maintain the water level the same.

  In addition to these sources in the complex has several temples, and other eksedra postroyki.Prez IV century BC official religion is Christianity and pagan rituals disappeared. It is assumed that disappeared right then and sanctuary of the nymphs and Aphrodite. At the same time it is built to the chapel "St. Spas" but in 1970 it was destroyed. Even today people from nearby villages believe that the water from the springs is healthy.

  There is a legend that during the second century AD Marcus Aurelius gave the Thracian commander Titus Flavius ​​Kasnakovo land around the village. At this place near blue creek, a hill covered with flowers is a Thracian sanctuary of the nymphs. It is believed that after sunset, dancing nymphs, dressed in white veils. According to legend, if a woman drink from a spring will more easily conceive and bear a male child. This area was owned by the Roman voennonachalnik for faithful service to the emperor. He felt that some unknown force draws him to this place and decided to build a temple of Aphrodite in honor of his wife Claudia Montana.

  When started building the temple every night he dreamed the same dream. The most beautiful nymph offers him love her. Every time voennonachalnikat wake groggy from sleep. He began to lose weight and had circles under his eyes. The day when the temple was to be found nymph appeared dreamer and really love their proposed voennonachalnika. But the strongest warrior remained firm, and backed away, saying that stays with his wife, he has been faithful while he fought. After these words nymph into stone forever. And now her slender figure standing in the sanctuary as evidence of the power of love.

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