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Tombul mosque - "Sherif Halil Pasha"

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Tombul mosque - "Sherif Halil Pasha", Picture
Tombul mosque - "Sherif Halil Pasha", Picture 1Tombul mosque - "Sherif Halil Pasha", Picture 2

   Shumen is a city with rich historical and cultural heritage, located in northeastern Bulgaria, the city has many famous landmarks, which attracts many local and foreign tourists. One of them is attractive Turkish mosque Sherif Halil Pasha Mosque known as Tombul, the most famous Muslim shrine operating in the country and was declared an architectural monument. Religious sites located in the southwest of Shumen and only allowing tourist visits in the past has held a place in the central part, but with the growth of the city remained in the country. The mosque began in the 18th century, began in early 1740 and construction was completed in 1744, is situated on 1730 square meters space. It is the second largest on the Balkans after the Turkish Sultan Selim house of worship in Edirne, the beautiful architecture of the early 18th century with woven elements of the French Baroque.

   Name Tombul obtained because the oval shape of the dome, the name in Turkish means balls, inflated, it is curious that in the construction of foundations of Muslim temple columns are used belonging to the palace of the old Bulgarian capital Pliska, this fact gives rise to the scientists and archaeologists to suggest that the remains of the royal palace at the time when the mosque was built - "Sherif Halil Pasha" was still retained after this period ruins plundered. Tombul Mosque is a complex of several buildings, main building is a temple of prayer, there is a large yard and with living quarters in it are separated twelve rooms, which were formerly School of the Muslim community, and today serve as a board. The construction of the prayer hall has been amended several times and consistently held various geometric shapes, initially enter into a square hall, which passes into the octagon, he even turns in a circle ending with an area of ​​the dome, the hall is illuminated by four sash windows, most of them with colorful colorful mosaics, the height of the prayer hall is 25 meters, the minaret is an impressive 40 meters tall. The internal appearance is captivating with its picturesque colored panels, with the predominant original Arabic inscriptions representing Sura of the Koran madrasa in stand fascinating decorations of geometric and plant forms in the room is separate prayer room for women. In research studies made of the images on the walls and domes found valuable frescoes remained under the new drawings.

   The yard is surrounded by arches of irregular shape and an interior arcade composition is supported by four marble columns, about a hundred steps lead to the balcony from which the imam of loud calls to prayer believers. The yard ourselves to large fountain designed for ritual washing of the pilgrims of the Muslim faith, they believe that holy water. In the past the mosque has a library, store a large collection of religious literature, today more than five thousand copies were taken to the Sofia Library "St. Cyril and Methodius". Tombul mosque, "Sherif Halil Pasha" is a valued representative of the Muslim culture and spirit, is included in the list of Bulgaria in 1966 created a hundred tourist sites, the mosque is equipped with some of the important tourist stamp. In the temple you can find information material to buy interesting souvenirs can learn more from lectures exported in Bulgarian.

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