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Thracian tomb - Mezek village

, 5.2 km From Svilengrad.    , GPS coordinates: N 41.7351833    E 26.1017815
Thracian tomb - Mezek village, Picture
Thracian tomb - Mezek village, Picture 1Thracian tomb - Mezek village, Picture 2Thracian tomb - Mezek village, Picture 3Thracian tomb - Mezek village, Picture 4

Mezek is a small village in southern Bulgaria, located in the municipality of Svilengrad, but is unique in its historical values, which is nestled in the land, inheritance left by our ancient past, when these lands were creating their masterpieces Thracians. In 2009 deservedly received Golden seal of European settlement. Located on the plain at the foot of the Eastern Rhodopes, remote is 50 km from the town of Haskovo. It is famous for its good wine, some nearby winery. Its old name is Mouzaki which means museum. Reach our historical monuments prove that it was inhabited since ancient times. Because of its strategic location was a busy place, so it was attacked and destroyed. Today the village is located two kilometers from the site of the first settlement. Archaeological surveys in January 1931, one kilometer east of the village was discovered Thracian tomb, located in the hill "Maltepe." The mound is dated to the IV. Before Christ and was studied initially by Professor Bogdan Filov and Ivan Velikov. Thracian tomb is one of the most remarkable Thracian monuments, preserved until today. It is the largest open one on the Balkan peninsula and is a superb piece of Thracian construction. Impressed by the unique wall then used masonry without mortar as liaison between the carved stone blocks are placed iron and oak brackets. The tomb is under fifteen meters high mound, located in east-west direction, the entrance is on the east side. To it from the village asphalt road. At the entrance greets us heavy metal gate that closes the entrance. The length of the entire tomb is almost 30 meters, the corridor is 21 meters long, with a width of 1.6 meters and a height of 2.5 meters. When you go through the long corridor, over which is best preserved triangular arch falls into rectangular antechambers leading to a round burial chamber high beehive dome, there is a stone sarcophagus with two urns. The ancient monument is preserved in its authentic form. In the tomb took place a few funerals. The fact that it is used repeatedly, supposedly a family tomb. Found a lot of gold and silver objects, objects of glass, earthenware, bronze, iron, clay, bronze candelabrum from which it can be assumed that the tomb buried wealthy Thracians. Lovely is exquisitely made ​​piece of boar bronze 108 cm long and 80 cm height. Discovered Some values ​​are stored in the Historical Museum in the town of Haskovo and others are interesting exhibits at the Institute of Archaeology. The tomb can be viewed only on request made ​​in the guide is close to the medieval castle tourist information center.

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