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Estuary Veleka - Sinemorets

Author: , 973 metres From Sinemorets.    , Адрес: Sinemorets, Синеморец, GPS coordinates: N 42.0694377    E 27.9688310
Estuary Veleka - Sinemorets, Picture
Estuary Veleka - Sinemorets, Picture 1Estuary Veleka - Sinemorets, Picture 2Estuary Veleka - Sinemorets, Picture 3Estuary Veleka - Sinemorets, Picture 4

 Springing from Turkey Veleka crosses our border and empties into the Black Sea near Sinemorets. Karst spring in the Turkish part of Strandja mountain gave birth and only 24 km. the length and the Turkish territory, the remaining 123 km. running in the Bulgarian lands and then formed a large circle of magical paradise where the sea reaches and sinks in its billows. Along the way, the depth and width are constantly changing at the mouth width and reaches 50 m. And depth of 7-8m. Live in the river over 30 types of freshwater fish, among them are protected species such as eels, wild carp, among the fresh green vegetation is rare examples of water lilies and snowflake, the banks grow alder, bamboo. The mouth, also known as North Beach is located in a protected area of ​​picturesque natural park "Strandja" after another begins Sinemorets unique protected area - Reserve Silistar. Road to the mouth brings us to the cliffs above it, a place established as parking in front of us a magnificent view of the vast sea and untouched nature, is highlighted with gold glitter long sandy beaches with little big but incredibly clean sand, one and the river side and the other sea It surrounds a soft foam on the waves. This is a peaceful place conductive to romantic and relaxing holiday, preferred by many fishermen, not only for tourists but for many residents is a favorite picnic spot, relax in the beautiful scenery, caressing rays of the sun and the coolness of the sea. Not least is the charm in the evening if you are attracted to dine under the open starry sky, you can stretch the tent to enjoy a quiet noisy waves and gentle reflections in the water from the starry sky and the romance of night swimming. The mouth and you can see from the deck of a boat as they are available on the river. Forest vegetation reaches the coast, water has shaped the rocks shapes. For fans of hiking, there is a itinerary starting one kilometer from the mouth of the "Tserat" length of the route is 10 km. crawls for about three hours and ends at the village Brodilovo famous preserved in their authentic form customs and traditions typical for Strandja mountain, the route is suitable for horse and koloezda transition. 15 km. is the most southern point of the mouth Mutludere which determine the state border with Turkey. You fill your album with unique pictures, you will experience unforgettable moments you will see again in the charm and magic of Bulgarian nature and native coast.

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Красимира Стефанова, 15.09.2014

Устието на р.Велека е в плановете ми за този месец и особено плажа Силистар.Слушала съм много за тамошните красоти,за чистия пясък и изумрудените води на морето.Смятам да го посетя до дни и ще напиша мнение.

Димитър Тодоров, 14.01.2016

Много странно в "Обекти за настаняванe" изреждате всички околни близки и далечни селища, без най-близкото градче ? Ако може отговорете на въпроса защо ?

Администратор, 25.01.2016

Много странно в "Обекти за настаняванe" изреждате всички околни близки и далечни селища, без най-близкото градче ? Ако може отговорете на въпроса защо ?
Благодарим Ви, че ни показахте грешката! В следствие на автоматично изчисление програмата не е посочила Ахтопол, като близка дестинация. Много скоро ще бъде в списъка с близки места за нощувка.

ivan, 18.02.2016

morski briz i edelvais sa stancii na edin kaput ot vetrindol

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