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Veliki Preslav - National historical archeological preserve

Author: , 1 km From Veliki Preslav.    , GPS coordinates: N 43.1621175    E 26.8107604
Veliki Preslav - National historical archeological preserve, Picture
Veliki Preslav - National historical archeological preserve, Picture 1Veliki Preslav - National historical archeological preserve, Picture 2Veliki Preslav - National historical archeological preserve, Picture 3Veliki Preslav - National historical archeological preserve, Picture 4

 Town of Veliki Preslav is situated 30km. of the first Bulgarian capital Pliska, occurred during the reign of Prince Boris, between 852g. - 889g. in 893g. was proclaimed the capital of King Simeon the Great and became the center of the literary and intellectual life of Bulgarians grow and establish a strong and important town in southeastern Europe.

  National historical archeological preserve and museum "Veliki Preslav" Keep preserved and restored parts of the ruins of the medieval capital Preslav was open to him, and museum exhibits objects found during excavations and archaeological research. Archaeological Reserve is located near the south of the present town of Preslav, covers about 500 hectares of land of old, beautiful and magnificent city, which in the period when the 893 was declared to 972g.e such was the economic center of economic and spiritual development of the country .

  Museum Complex is open 1906. on 29 October. The museum building was built 1981., It collected original historical monuments and precious works of old Bulgarian and early Byzantine art, a rich collection of exhibits include masterpieces toured museums worldwide, among them Preslav treasure than 170 exquisite objects of silver, gold , bronze, typical of this period painted white pottery, one of the most impressive collections of lead seals srednovizantiyski, fine jewelry and weapons. Store unique ceramic icon of St. Theodore Stratilat and exclusive ceramic iconostasis from the Palace Monastery, a collection of priceless artifacts epigraficheski demonstrated excellence of the Preslav Literary School and educational activities.

 The vast area of ​​the archaeological complex is very difficult to crawl for a day cover is comfortable paths, consisting of external and internal defense system. We go by the path which leads to the northern gate of the inner city, known as the iron door, it is assumed that this is the main entrance to the fortress. Here is the church "St. Cyril and Methodius", surrounded by beautiful greenery, fresh scent of pine and cool, with built cozy spot for rest and bursting clear cold water. Beside him is based on archaeological BAS, we pass the corner round tower to reach the remains of two great churches in the past and preserved part of the wall on which the visible inscriptions and drawings should Preslav Palace, in its ruins still ongoing archaeological research, south it is the Basilica, it is connected with the palace by 35 meters long and interesting street right bathroom belonged to the Patriarchate. In the massive edifice of furnace building was found very valuable collection of lead seals and molds for casting them. South Gate is restored, it opens a wonderful landscape of the countryside in 1927. was discovered during studies of archaeologist Y.Gospodinov unique temple with a round shape and look great astonish connoisseurs of ancient culture is still called Golden Church, is buried next to her its discoverer. Nearby on a vast flat area is a complex of churches and buildings were located here feudal estates, monasteries, outbuildings. Three hundred meters to the West Palace is great monastic manor preserved Old Bulgarian language and literature, famous for its picturesque painted ceramics.

Town of Veliki Preslav is one hundred tourist sites but Bulgaria.

Hours: Summer: 9.00-18.00; winter 9:00 to 17:00 every day

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