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Villa Armira

, 4.7 km From Ivaylovgrad.    , GPS coordinates: N 41.4991901    E 26.1066334
Villa Armira, Picture
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One of the most interesting - and well-preserved archaeological monuments from the time of the Roman Empire is located 4 km from the city Municipality. Villa Armira, named after a small tributary of the Arda River, was discovered accidentally during the construction of the dam in 1964. Originally builders discovered traces of ancient building. In recent archaeological survey revealed the remains of an ancient suburban villa built during the Roman rule. Villa Armira is - rich palace discovered in our land since Roman times. The villa is characterized by pomp and remarkable planning scheme. Impressive are the original flooring and marble mosaic. Built in the first century AD by the noble Thracian ruler Armira was the center of a large domain located in the river valley Armira. The total area was 3600 m, unless there was a cottage and beautiful garden. Reinforced constituted a two-storey building with impressive for the time size, with terrace and swimming pool in the middle of the building. Only the first floor rooms were 22. Of - later, at the beginning of III. Was necessary expansion most - probably due to the need for more space for its owners. Was built spacious guest room (triklinium) with offices at her. Remarkably a Roman heating system in part of the building, traces of it can still be seen today. In II. The villa is designed studio processing white marble mined in the vicinity of possession. Are invited to work masters from Asia Minor, where during the Roman era was located at - large and famous school in the world. Thanks to the artists who worked here, the villa gradually acquires its splendor characteristic of Roman palaces. The first floor of the house was lined with fine marble slabs and tiles covering the floor to ceiling all representative rooms, the walls of the corridors and the pool of the villa. 3000 Marble fragment in excellent condition were found in the study of the villa. Wall decoration Armira ranks first as a monument of ancient art and architecture. The rich marble decoration makes the house unique not only in our country but all within the Roman provinces in the Balkans. In all corridors and rooms the floors were covered with mosaics depicting high artistic motifs, traditional antique painting. Most - is a valuable mosaic, decorated the floor of the master bedroom. At the northern end of the bedroom mosaic depicts the faces of one of the owners of the house, lived in it in the first half of II., With him are his two children. These are the only portraits on Roman mosaic found in Bulgaria. The villa lasted nearly 300 years. In the second half of IV. Was robbed and burned. Villa Armira was declared a monument in 1968

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