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Vitosha Mountain - Cherni

Author: Л. Иванова, 128 metres From Sofia.    
Vitosha Mountain - Cherni, Picture

   South of our capital Sofia is the Vitosha mountain. It differs from other Bulgarian mountains and age (Vitosha Mountain is a relatively young) and shape (only a dome-shaped form). Four top form it was - Black Peak (the highest) Ostritsa, and Skoparnik Rezniove.

  With the Vitosha mountain are connected one of the first conservation initiatives in the country, conducted by a special commission established to set up in 1929 to protect Union native nature. As a result of activities of the committee in 1933 was declared the first reserves in Bulgaria "Upper-Elenitsa Silkosia" in Strandja "Parangalitsa" in Rila and in 1934 was named first in the country and the Balkans Makedonski National Park - " Vitosha ". Along with the park and the reserve is formed "ore-dressing," which is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Vitosha. In 1936 has passed a special law on protection of native nature, according to which protected areas are: branishta, national parks, natural monuments and sites prirodoistoricheski. This is Vitosha National Park. He is also the most visited country, because of its proximity to the city, convenient road connections and availability of tourist infrastructure - trails, lifts, numerous chalets, ski runs and ski lifts. Favorites of tourists are rocky rivers or the sea, which are characteristic clusters of rounded boulders of weathering and running water edges.

  From Vitosha stems Struma River in the mountains is Bosnek karst region, part of which is Duhlata Cave, the longest cave in the country (17,600 meters). Archaeologists have identified a number of caves and cave animals of 22 species, is declared a natural landmark, but it is not refined and adapted for visits because its complex system of multi-storey mazes, underground lakes and waterfalls.

  With its highest peak of Vitosha - Black Peak (2290 m) is related to the beginning of organized tourist movement in the country. The idea of ​​Aleko Konstantinov on 27.08.1895 was held the first organized summit that day marked the creation of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. The nearest hut to the summit named writer, and often called Lucky.

Black Peak is included in the 100 Tourist Sites of BTA.

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