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Top Vida remains of a medieval castle - Kotel

Author: Л. Иванова, 6.3 km From Kotel.    
Top Vida remains of a medieval castle - Kotel, Picture

 In the vicinity of the boiler particular interest is the peak Vida, which is located 7-8km. southeast of the city and rises to 861.40 m above the sea from the south and southwest Vida array is surrounded by deep dol - Greek (Grashki) dollars. On the wooded saddle south of Vida road splits - right path leads to the locality Korenik - Maiden victory, and the left - the peak Vida.

V.Vida crown of a narrow rocky ridge southwest - northeast, long 250 - 300m. V.Vida mentioned as v.Grad.Na south side of a fortification to protect the pass, but perhaps it was the village Diavena (Devon), which spoomenavat Byzantine historians Pahimer, Phil Manuel (1280-1350), Czech K.Irechek historian. At the foot of the old road passes the top of the capitals Pliska and Preslav in Kozyak Kotel valley and merger and from there to the middle reaches of the Maritsa. Fortress of the species is labeled with the name and Diavena guard pass and - particularly narrow channel between Iron Gate and Mount Vida Pleshivitsa. Simultaneously, it is the observatory, which shows the entire area to the south. The fortress had a garrison. For his needs Razboyna heights of water was drawn along the crest of the massif Fans. This plumbing write Dr. Ivan Bogorov in "Description of the village of Kotel" (1846g.) and Rakovski in his "Forest traveler." Remains of it have existed togava.Predanieto tells how a girl Vida heard his father grieves that no male child, there is no male heir to whom to entrust their brave warriors, guardians of the fortress. It appeared to him and gave moligo to mens clothing and arms, stepping in front of defenders of the pass and led them from victory to victory for the glory of its kind on the entire Bulgarian narod.Taka behalf of the Bulgarian girl Vida fortress is associated with and elevation. Just on the south side of the saddle is Korenik Vida - Lily pobeda.Sedlovinata a mountain terrace with view to the east and west, visoplaninska meadow, surrounded by beautiful deciduous forest. Korenik is a favorite place for outings to the Kotel. From korenik old road runs south to s.Ichera Sliven.V and left the trail to the summit, which rises rapidly at steep southern slope. Ascent is a little tiring, but efforts are rewarded richly by the wonderful view which opens from the top in all directions. To the northwest remains Kotel at the foot of Dry share (908.70 m) and surrounded by rivers Suhoyka, Kotleshnitsa and briers. Behind Dry share extends been dissipated by Lisa Mountain. Due north is Kumincheto and behind white shores. Left of this line seems Urushki wall (820m.) and right - is near Pleshivitsa century, and behind him Lumina share. To the south rises Fans. A little - right in the distance rises Sliven mountain peak of Stara Planina v.Balgarka 1181m.n.v. To the west rises Mount haidut Razboyna 1127.90m.n.v.

Most - significantly - over 3 mm. annual rise of the mountain around the Kotel southwest - northeast. Southeast of v.Vida is plain to see Kotel River valley, and even - as the eye soar along the ridge of the mountain and Stidovskata Grebenets - whole labyrinth of peaks, ridges, valleys and lovely Ratlina


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