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Egyptian pyramids

Author: М. Иванова, 14.09.2012
Egyptian pyramids, Picture
Egyptian pyramids, Picture 1

  The Egyptian pyramids are ancient architectural structures in the shape of a pyramid built in Egypt. Most of them are designed as tombs of pharaohs and their wives during the Middle Kingdom and Old Kingdom. In 2008, we found 138 pyramids. The oldest is the Djoser pyramid, which was built in the Third Dynasty. Pyramid complex around it are the result of the work of the architect Imhotep, and are the oldest monuments of stone lined. Most famous are the necropolis at Giza, near Cairo. Among them are the largest buildings erected sometime, the largest is the Great Pyramid located at Giza.

   After 2600 BC in Egypt the pyramids were built fairly. Thousands of slaves were involved in their construction. Scientists still do not know the reason why the tombs are shaped pyramid. Their large size and the ratio of elements suggest that they comply with the astronomical and mathematical knowledge of the Egyptians. Egyptian pyramids are evidence of their gratitude to the gods, but also by their Egyptian pharaohs have left a lasting mark in history for his power and existence. The most famous pyramids of Cheops, and Mikrein Hefren are not located in a straight line. The pyramids are located on the west bank of the Nile, the famous Memphis necropolis. The Egyptians believed that right there is the land of death, as in the west the sun sets. And their houses are raised you the other east bank of the Nile. The biggest - the Great Pyramid, which is 147 meters high, with walls on each 230.4 meters is almost completely preserved. The top marble is missing. Limestone is sacked, to be built Cairo. Of the three pyramids still partially rescued marble is that of Hefren. The pyramids are built of huge stone blocks that weigh about 2 tons. It is assumed that was built nearly 20 years and until 2580 the building has been completed.

  The Aztecs, Mayans and Egyptians are 3 different civilizations that have one thing in common - they are pyramids. Egyptians are the ones setting standards on classic design pyramids themselves. The pyramids of the Maya and Aztecs, unlike those in Egypt with stairs and have a flat top. Egyptians probably chose that shape their tombs because of their solar religion. It is suggested that this form of pyramid is a symbol of the sun. For centuries people did not stop to wrestle with how they built these amazing pyramids. Some thought that are the work of aliens and others that used construction equipment, which has not reached us information. But according to calculations of scientists known to build the pyramid of Cheops were needed near 20-30000 worker for 23 years.

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