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Город Хелис Сборяново

Автор: , на 20.5 km из Разград.    , Адрес: Разград, Свещари , GPS координаты: N 43.7527215    E 26.7860975
Город Хелис Сборяново , фото
Город Хелис Сборяново , фото 1Город Хелис Сборяново , фото 2

 Helis town was founded in IV century pr.H. and it has an area of ​​90,000 square meters Powerful stone walls serve the city's fortification. In III and IV century BC .. Helis was a big manufacturing and commercial center, as evidenced largest outdoor collection of amphora stamps from the Hellenistic period in Thrace. It has opened workshops for ceramics production, processing iron, ingots of gold and silver jewelry tools. Clay altars were found in the house with stone foundations. And in the southern port city found a votive inscription in Greek goddess of Phosphoros. There are suggestions that this is the polis Helis. It Getic ruler accepts the vanquished Hellenistic ruler Lysimachus.


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