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Buinovsko Gorge

Author: , 2.6 km From Yagodina.    , GPS coordinates: N 41.6309313    E 24.3348823
Buinovsko Gorge, Picture
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 Buynovsko Gorge is one of many paradises of the majestic Rhodope Mountains, crossed by picturesque Buinovska river on their way forms numerous pools and waterfalls formed and characteristic landscape that we enjoy. Gorge and connects the village of Yagodina s.Teshel. Its length is about ten kilometers, it winds through a narrow asphalt road surrounded by tall limestone cliffs that in places menacingly approaching so close, almost touching. Place where the sheer marble cliffs almost touch the height three or four feet above the road is called "Wolf jump." Perhaps the locals called it so because wolf packs that jump from there and attack their folds. Ancient forests, vast meadows, green hills and crystal clear cold waters of rivers and lakes are inhabited by many rare animals and birds, meeting genuine and colorful vegetation typical of those mountains of Silivryak fragrant flowers, the gentle Orpheus flower.

  The gorge was declared a protected area in 1971 because of its unique wildlife and wonderful natural creations. Pearl of the turning point is Yagodinska whose magic and magnetism attracts many domestic and foreign tourists, visitors remain fascinated by the exquisite sculptured cave forms. Here we can admire the gentle glow of precious pearls formed under the influence of millions of years. After carrying out archaeological research and found antique objects and pieces of pottery, tools prove the existence of life in these parts since the Middle Ages. Nearby is Haidushki dol little known canyon, but equal in every way grandeur and beauty of Buynovsko and Trigrad gorge, until it just goes on foot, their efforts deserve because you end up in a world of immense beauty and splendor of the bottom covered by lush vegetation flowing sparkling waterfall. All the charm of virgin rock cascades and mountain vegetation Buynovsko gorge spreads before our eyes the height of the panoramic site "eagle eye" built on Mount St. Elias over the canyon, the view is dazzling, but the experience is incomparable. From the village Yagodina the top can be reached on foot for half an hour, can take advantage of mountain guide, if you prefer off-cars will're there for half an hour, the displacement is 670 meters and 1563 meters altitude. Turning point is listed as a hundred travel sites in Bulgaria, the press stands in for him Yagodinska.

   Parallel to the gorge walk Buynovsko Trigrad, impressive rock of cliffs and hills, sheltered natural phenomenon "Devil's Throat." It is a deep cave in it with great speed and strong thunder passes the highest underground waterfall in the Balkans and adds a little scary kind of landmark.

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