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Demir Baba Tekke, village of Sveshtari

, 28.2 km From Popina.    , GPS coordinates: N 43.7381675    E 26.7538209
Demir Baba Tekke, village of Sveshtari, Picture
Demir Baba Tekke, village of Sveshtari, Picture 1Demir Baba Tekke, village of Sveshtari, Picture 2Demir Baba Tekke, village of Sveshtari, Picture 3Demir Baba Tekke, village of Sveshtari, Picture 4

Within Sboryanovo Archaeological Reserve, located in the municipality of Isperich than Sveshtarska tomb declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is another very interesting monument with an interesting history, shrouded in mystery and legend. Demir Baba Teke is a tomb revered by Alevis, also known as Alevi. Alevi Muslims are a religious group with its own traditions and customs that honor tyurbetata their saints. Demir Baba or iron father, who according to legend, lived in the XVI century, is one of them. Many stories get out of miracles that Demir Baba made. Legend describes it as a huge giant capable of destroying the rocks, and does wonders to help people. Even today there is sacrifice animals and pray to him for health, rich harvest, good luck. The tomb of Demir Baba represents heptagonal building, built by kvadrova masonry and covered with a hemispherical dome. In the middle of the heptagonal room is the tomb of the saint aleviyskiya, 3.7 m long. The coffin is always overflowing with gifts and is found in extremely rare cases, only to aleviyski pilgrims. According to historical sources türbe was built in the middle of the XVI century, most - probably on the foundations of a Thracian sanctuary. The place was sacred to many peoples inhabited the area. Legends apart consecrated ground, there was a monastery. Many love to be out here today holidays are a mixture of Muslim, Christian and pagan rituals. About türbe build tekke (religious complex), central to which is the sacred spring. Over the years there were imaret mosque, but were destroyed. Nowadays the place remained the fountain, and a bit türbe building, surrounded by a stone wall. Survived and rock - altar, next to the entrance of the Tekke. Demir Baba Teke was declared a cultural monument in 1970. In the early nineties of the last century has made the restoration of the decorative elements of the building and the murals depicted on the walls of the dome and turban. Replaced with new and old rotten wooden floor.

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Eren, 12.11.2016

Yolunuza başım feda ey erenler, Türkiye'den selamlar. Dedem hacı bektaşi veli'nin adıyla hüü olsun sizlere hüüüü

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